Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OH NO Joe!

You know there is a disturbance in the Force when you see the word HASBRO at the very begining of the movie.

And so it is as the 2 hour movie is nothing more than an ad for toys. Also not a great sign when you actually find scenes quite draggy.

The CGI effects are barely a notch up from Saturday morning cartoons. The over dependence on amateurish CGI results in the action scenes looking as fake as the pirate DVD that came out last week.

You watch if for Sienna Miller's Baroness, the bad ass and quite violent fight scenes between pre-pubescent Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and maybe for sentimental reasons. You get to see Lost's Mr Echo barking out in a Brit accent. Director Stephen Sommers also recycles the cast from the Mummy with Vasloo and Fraser (blink and miss cameo). 

You can instead use that RM10 for:

1. Buy the pirated DVD and watch it with mates at home who will bring the chips and beers.

2. Eat twice at a Chinese coffee shop 'chap fan' stall.

3. Get your hair cut at a Seremban barber

4. Buy a pair of Calvin Klein boxers at The Reject Shop

5. Buy an 8 course dinner during the upcoming fasting month pasar malam.

Kids however should like it. Its loud. its got cartoony action. Lot of posturing and some more fight scenes.

Take the kids but keep them away from Toys 'R Us after. I recommend you have a few beers before to dull the senses. It might make you feel all 10 years old all over again.


Ally Bedhouin said...

Basically, it's shit la

Nex said...

I think I'll just download it and spend the RM5 (yes movies are 50% cheaper in the Land Below the Wind, on Wednesdays, two weeks after a movie started screening) on lotteries hoping to live a life of leisure and luxury when its time for me to retire...

S'wak said...

I knew it was a goner when they announced Marlon Wayans was gonna be part of the cast.

Chindiana said...

Ally! eh you were there as well? Din holler pun.

RM5 DVDs Nex????????? Hey if good quality then i've got some classics i need to stock up on.

S'wak dude, AND he blows man. Trying too hard to be funny. AND has the romantic chemistry of a wet dog with Rachel Nichols.

But i tell you, the kids will love it. Just like they loved Jar Jar.

plain jane said...

no awesome bike? damn?? won't even bother spending 8 precious bucks on the dvd then, wait till astro shows it lah...

Chindiana said...

go some bikes la but nothing our of the ordinary. you can use the dvd as a coaster later ma... :P