Friday, August 7, 2009

Minahasa Lagoon Resort


The Minahasa Lagoon Resort is a cosy albeit expensive getaway in Manado. Very exclusive with only 15 chalets you are guaranteed fantastic service from the very attentive staff. The resort promarily caters to European tourists who also book their dive trips from the resort's PADI certified dive center.

The wooden chalets are simple yet elegant (no TV though!). You come here for utter peace and quite and to soak in the sun on the small private beach while enjoying beautiful sunsets from the infinity pool.

The service is excellent and personalized. You get staff that are patient and accommodating. All in all an exclusive private getaway for one to enjoy with the quiet company of someone special or a perfect highlight to finish off dive trips or mainland exploration of Northern Sulawesi.

The rates will set your local Asian ass back a coupla months where an average room for 2 people will cost about 400 Euros per night. But for groups of 4 the 3rd and 4th clowns are only charged 40 Euros each. These two get the bunk beds in the descreetly hidden room within a room. All meals however are included in the package.

I must admit the Minahasa Lagoon has some of the BEST local food EVER in a hotel that I've ever stayed at. I believe outsiders can come in and order the local dishes. Just ask for chef Max and tell him to cook you his favourites. Awesomess.

The little jacuzzi outside the spa/massage hut

Surrounding the resort are lovely trails through orchards and coconut plantations. You can spend up to 4 -5 hours just hiking these hills. A guide can run you up to about 30Euros.

One of the many coconut harvesting huts along the trail. Coconuts are used for almost everything - cooking oil, fuel for fires, shampoos, etc.

Dharma engaging one of the locals .

THe local dishes (sans bat and rat happy meal). Fantastic seafood and chicken and vegetable dishes

And of course... the view.

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Kimmie said...

Wow, you published this post earlier , before Delia and I make our trip there :) - Banyak terima's very very nice , yet super duper expensive lor, glad that I get some discount from Cassey, better grab it while masih ada...oh, just 6 more days, counting down , hoo hooo..... but no TV ah ? paying so much yet no TV ? what if I want some CNN wor ? haaaa

Chindiana said...

Hey Kimmie! wah you reading this blog?

TV I think you can find in Cassey's house (very cute looking villa on the resort grounds).

I would love to go back there again but no way can i afford it.

sclim said...

500 euros!!! 500 euros!!! ok... my room is a paradise.. it is, really!

Chindiana said...

400 euros ler. but you're going alone to spend time with just 'little ah lim' then its only 200Euros.

tommy damima said...

Minahasa Lagoon still one of the best place for diving in Northsulawesi,.