Sunday, August 30, 2009


Fuk me. Just as i'm trying to put up a post on our Independence Day tomorrow I get a call just 2 minutes ago saying that there's been an illegal transaction using my credit card in the United States. You never really think that you'll ever be one of those poor sods you read about in the papers who ended up with thousand dollar bill for porn subscriptions and a coupla pussy flashlights.

As far as I know the bill is small and for some female products. Damn, who has had access to my credit card? Peekz is my trusted assistant and she's so manly the only female products she would ever buy are tampons. (she's stressed so dont think she'll be reading this blog for the next few weeks :P)

Just msn-ed Peekz. She said I probably bought the girly stuff when I came home drunk one night. (-_-) That's what I get for having a casual/easy working style with my staff. They get to be sarcastic to me after 5 pm and on public holidays.


Tomorrow is hari Merdeka. Our Independence Day. It's dramatically quiet this year. H1N1, the crap economy, politicians being politicians and wasting every one's time and money.

I ask this every year. What does it mean? Just another vain remainder to those too young to care for freedom and independence. In a way the American patriotism machinery seems to be able to drum that into their national consciousness. Here it's the same old black and white footage and Sudirman's retro hits that seem to be the only ammo the government has to instill the spirit of Merdeka. Yasmin Ahmad was not government machinery. Her videos though should now be part of every Merdeka celebration from now and forever. It's more relevant to the kids of today. Yasmin Ahmad, Sudirman, P. Ramlee, and the Tunku. Sorta Malaysia's mystical Fantastic Four who every year fight the battle to educate disillusioned parents, E popping teens and dirty businessmen and their stooges that Merdeka should be our yearly call to action to get our act together.

Overheard in a conversation among government dignitaries - who would you say are South East Asia's power houses? Answer - Singapore, Vietnam AND Malaysia.


Aren't we a bunch of screw ups?

No - we're actually not that bad even with dodgy politicians and environmental disaster waiting to pounce on every corner. Indonesia is too fragmented, Thailand always seems to have political upheavals and Filipino politics is also not stable. (this was an overheard conversation)

Is it true?


Indonesia needs another strong President. Thailand needs another Prime Minister who can bring all factions together. I'm not familiar with the Filipino political scene but for now it actually looks like we have that potential.

As long as we get our act together.

Can we? Will we?

I know I want to. My Chinese neighbor across the corridor will standby me. My Malay PA and friends who I will break fast with tonight will also be walking down any road with me. Of course my Indian 'thani' friends will be offerring me their legal services for a special rate...

SO who are these fukers throwing a cow's head at a Hindu temple? Who are these Hindraf clowns holed up in England stirring up shit from across many oceans. They are not us. They have their own plans and it has nothing to do with peace or harmony or sitting having teh tarik with Indians, Malays, Chinese, Bai fukers (Jaspal the Wise yo!), Serani flers and enjoying the gorgeous windy afternoons we've been getting lately.

One Malaysia? Why? We already know we're all Malaysian. It's just the clowns with the agendas that need to be reminded of it. Well, maybe have it shoved up their ass.

I am Malaysian. So are my friends, my enemies, my family, my colleagues, business partners and the fucker that cut in front of me this morning without warning. When he cut in front of me I did not think "Chinese fucker". I just thought "FUCKER". FULL STOP.

We're all Malaysian together. Whether as fuckers, assholes, friends, family, lovers, colleagues, whatever.

Peace y'all.


LCB said...

Hey fucker.... have a safe merdeka ;)

Chindiana said...

You too, kotek nenas.

C. Andres Alderete said...

It's like Christmas in the US. That has to be the most corroded holiday on the planet. Sorry for your credit card btw. There are mostly assholes here.

Ah Chongzzz said...

Fuah! Very well put Ah Foo. Content so deep with profanities enhancing effects!

PS In the true spirit of 1 Malaysia, share la...what is kotek nenas?

sclim said...

huh? pineapple private parts?

Yeah, we are Malaysians. But you will be surprised that alot of people distinguish themselves by racial distinction.

Chindiana said...

Carlos! We're living in disillusioned times aren't we? Hey no issue bout the credit card. With the way online fraud is going around the culprit could very well be a Nigerian school teacher living in Amsterdam...

Ah Chongzzzzz!!!! Kotek Nenas = see Ah Limzzzz translation! hehe! Its actually an old term commonly used among older Serani men from Melaka and Seremban. Dont ask me how it got started man.

Ah Limzzzz! Wat to do ler? We need to give Happy Hours a public Holiday of its own. That would be a REAL true holiday with no pretensions.

ghoul said...

Been trying to correct this for a while.

We are (Put your race here) Malaysians, not Malaysian (put your race here). e.g. Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians, etc.

We need this mindset, where we are MALAYSIANS first, and race second.

But I do not want to be just a Malaysian. I am proud of my roots and my ancestry both, so there.

p.s. I love you Chindiana! Buy me something with that card already! *grins*

P.p.s. visit 15MALAYSIA.COM already

word verification: extyer

Chindiana said...

Sooo... You're a Malaysian Ghoul? nice, that's a first. :P

um...Ghoul.. DUDE... I'll buy you that beer if you stop saying you love me. deal?

Nex said...

We won't be 'Malaysians' until and unless you West M'sian flers stop usking us East malaysians 'so how long have you been in Malaysia?'

So start by spreading the word that Malaysia INCLUDES Sabah & Sarawak; It is NOT Malaysia, and Sabah & Sarawak...