Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bloody hell, I'm vain!

A while back I spent a coupla minutes removing tags of myself in some photos on facebook. Photos that did not portray me in a good light. It's amazing how many pictures you find of yourself floating around the internet with tags like, "Chindy asking me for the number of my gay designer" or "Chindy enjoying the view of my boss's wife chest" or "Chindy with his Mountain Man pose hoping to attract biawaks in heat".

Pictures are a harsh reminder that no matter what we paint in our minds of ourselves, we're really nothing much more than the end result of our actions.

Drunk in a bar - eyes off kilter, staring in the distance, a lop sided grin on my face, beer in hand grinning like a mad leprechaun on St Patrick's Day.

Posing with pictures of hot girls who you hope will tag you so their other hot friends MIGHT pick up on your manliness - Eyes straight ahead, a slight pucker to your lips, a smile that was supposed to look like Johnny Depp but ends up a deranged Jack Sparrow.

In the jungle - constipated and irritated as no time to answer the call of Mama Nature and hiking with a hangover is never really advisable.

I also did not know i did a great impressions of constipated retarded camel whenever anyone told me to "Smile la for the camera!".

SO, yeah i took out the unflattering pics. Left some as I wanna show that even though I'm a boyish, sensitive, mature man, I'm still human and can still look like a constipated retarded camel.


Josie said...

yeahhhh, everytime i ask you to smile for the camera, you somehow DO end up looking constipated.

so i end up taking candid shots.

practice in front of a mirror la. :P

Chindiana said...

Eh gimme warning when you're candid shooting. Gotta tuck in da tummy! :P

Ally Bedhouin said...

You know, I've not actually seen many photos of you. Because of your blog post, I actually went to FB to have a look.

Thanks for the free entertainment Uncle Camel!

Chindiana said...

I aim to please all esp the Bedhouins of the world AND their camels....

Glad I made your day Ally.