Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad - Rest In Peace

My fav ad from Yasmin. Maybe because the little old lady looks a little like my grandmother (white sari and all although Ammama was a lot gentler and softer spoken). Also to see Tamil spoken in a mainstream commercial on national TV which is not an ad for curry powder.

So who else do we have that's going to remind us about who we are and that we need each other no matter what race or religion, more than ever?


ghoul said...

I already said what i needed to say in another post at another site. I don't think I should repeat myself.

But I am still feeling really sad. Malaysia has lost something really valuable... what it means to be truly Malaysian.

And all we have are politicians parroting about Yasmin being the embodiment of the 1Malaysia spirit.

WTF, she did what she was doing, and did more for unity, and for longer, than this so-called half-assed 1M attempt. I am just waiting for some stupid person to say "she's worth more to us alive".

Yasmin left a hole that will be hard to fill.

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farah siva said...

this is my favorite too! really good one. cracked up wen i first saw it. so sad we won't be seeing more of it.

Chindiana said...

Well said Ghoul. To be honest I doubt any of the folks on the hill have ever seen any of her work (or at least taken it to heart)

Farah - I didnt know there was so much too. Hope someone compiles it all into one collection...