Friday, July 24, 2009

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission

"He's worth more to us alive."

WTF statement is this for a government agency formed to enforce the ineffective Anti Corruption Agency?

So we've got the plot of a bad B movie but placed in real life it's stunning that such blatant loss of life in the building of a government agency can happen in this century with only arrogance from said agency.

Will we ever know the truth? Unlikely. Doesn't matter who investigates this case, a Royal Commission, Special Branch, Interpol, Inspector Gadget, etc... the outcome will probably pin the blame on some poor scape goat - Indonesian worker, drug addict, cleaner and maybe even the victim himself ("he was tired after his 9 hour interrogation, sorry i meant 'interview', slept in our office. Woke up groggy and went to look for coffee but walked out an open window instead. We promise to keep all windows in our building locked from now on. Unfortunate accident this."

So the MACC, who they? Cops? the Illiminati? Imperial Stormtroopers? Rogue Tellytubbies?