Friday, July 17, 2009

Mahawu Volcano, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sunrise from Mahawu. In the foreground left you see a solar panel that powers the transmitter for the local Manado television station situated on the top of the volcano.

The Mahawu volcano, about 40 minutes from Tomohon town offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside of Tomohon and the city of Manado with the outlaying islands of Bunaken and Manado Tua. Standing about 1,300 meters the excursion to the peak is actually made much easier after the government paved a bitumen road almost to the top. Now it just takes about a 15 minute climb up a steep trail to say you conquered the Mahawu volcano. This actually makes the whole trip a bit of an anti-climax as there is no sense of accomplishment when you hit the peak to enjoy the view in a time shorter than it takes to down a shot of whisky.

 Left to right - Manado Tua island with its dormant volcano in the distance, the almost invisible low lying popular dive island of Bunaken and the coast of Manado town.

For coach potato tourists this is actually one of the few volcanoes you get to conquer without breaking much of a sweat. You do get a lovely view of farms, volcanoes, the Mahawu crater, the islands of Bunaken and Manada Tua and the town of Manado itself lying below.

The view of the Lokon volcano just above the Mahawu crater rim

The vegetables farms on the way up to Mahawu.

The farms at sunrise

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