Thursday, July 9, 2009


The Malaysian obsession - something for nothing. Bragging rights and generally not appreciating the VALUE to an object, service or product. It's as if it the god given right to think that as long as you know a friend, contact, supplier, relative, pet monkey, you can make a call and Christmas comes early.

The Manchester United vs the Malaysian selection game is next week. I put in my bookings for my clients in March. Of course the tickets will sell out. How often do the Red Devils come to Malaysia? Even non fans who just want to get in on the glam factor want in. BUT I'm still getting calls from people asking for free tickets. The cheap seats are still readily available. GO. BUY. THEM. The VVIP seats are long gone to VVIPs, VIPs and the VIP hanger-ons. 

JUST BUY IT. It wont give your balls rashes or create mushroom patches under your arm pits. People will not think of you a social retard if you stand in line to get a ticket. Really. 

This is Manchester United. Not a Mawi dangdut concert. There is a bloody value to it. Even IF I had tickets I'd be charging your ass for them. 

But I don't. 



Ally Bedhouin said...

These are probably the same people who go to random AGMs to eat the free food!


mangrish speaker said...

at least u won't find me asking for free tickets to watch the scums ahhahah

doesn't it take balls of a certain size and skin of a certain thickness to even open one's mouth to ask for free tickets?

Chindiana said...

Ally! Wahaha! hilarious as someone just mentioned the very same thing to me just a coupla hours ago! So these AGM freeloaders are more rampant than I thought!

Hey Mangrish, can i get free Laiverpool tix? :P Unfortunately the physical attributes of free loaders are more rampant here than in Blighty.

ah lim said...

Clowns = friends
'Friends' asking for freebies = Life sucking vampires aka lowlife leeches.

Nex said...


So I guess thoase free FOO Fighter backstage passes are not gonna happen now then?


ah chan said...

if u come here again then i can get you tickets even if not free i buy for u la... JUST for you. unfortunately for the asia tour i dontch hab no tickets... not going maaaa...

actually... everywhere same same... here also got ppl who ask for free tickets as if they grow on trees.

Chindiana said...

Ah Chan, I buy the tix, you just belanja the Guinness!