Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Treks Begin

Gunung Lokon, North Sulawesi

So I've gone and done it. Just booked my holidays for the year although it wont seem like a break. I figured if I'm going to wait for a slow period to take time off its not going to happen. It never does. So i just booked my flights to Manado, Surabaya and Bali. I have no idea why but I want to do 3 volcanoes this year. My body is of course not ready for this. Both the knees with the torn ligaments have never recovered. The left knee has been screwed since that last futsal tackle 3 months ago. The back that was half an inch from a slipped disc can't take loads for extended periods. That ankle which I broke long time ago has a dislike for unstable ground.

This is DEFINITELY NOT going to be a relaxing holiday. It's going to feature sweat and tears with copious amounts of pain thrown in for good measure. Hopefully any blood spilt will only be from a paper cut from flipping the pages of my passport too quickly.

So in July I hit Manado in Sulawesi to get up to Gunung Lokan, the active volcano on the island. Manado is more popular for muck diving but I dont have much sea legs and much prefer the sights and sounds above water. Its a short trip, about 4 days but should be able to do it.


In August I hit Bromo near Surabaya in Indonesia. I'm taking 6 days off for this. I want to get to the furthest end. Should be fun.


Finally because I'm on a prescription of Stupid Pills I'm taking on Mount Agung in Bali on my birthday. This is going to hurt. It's 6 hours up and 5 down. I'm am going to be in so much pain when I come down. I know my knee will not heal in time so I just need to strenghten it as much as I can. The plan is to start the climb much earlier than the rest and budget for a 7 hour climb to the top and maybe even 6-7 down. Maybe the knee will hold up. Maybe the back will take the 12 hour plus load of my back pack. Maybe I'll get smart and just hit a beach in Bali and forget about this.

Anyway the plan to reward my fool hardiness is to check into an expensive spa in Ubud after this. Hot single women who wish to pamper a Chindian in pain please feel free to sign up for this trip.

Agung is not a volcano, its a mountain. I have one more volcano to do before the end of the year. I might go to Lake Toba! Haha maybe it's cheating but its still a volcano. I might bump into little old ladies there but I'm going to trek the circumference of the lake so that's like a 100km. I'll consider booking the flights later as the stupid pills are wearing off now...

I'm going solo on all trips except Manado. Dharma the Hardcore Hippie is tagging along for that. Wish she was coming for Agung. She's fitter than me and would probably easily carry me down any mountain.

Now I've got to fix my knees, back and that dodgy ankle within the next two weeks before Manado. Nice.

Its fun being stupid isn't it?


Jun-E said...

Yes it is =D

Chindiana said...


ah lim said...

if you say you're unfit, feel better when you compare to me lar bro. it might take me 24 hrs instead.

Chindian boy said...

come by for some "PRO" pills before you leave dude ;)

Chindiana said...

Ah LImzzzz! Hey you're starting up your empire in Bangi so dont need to be climbing oversized hills at all. Can buy your own in a coupla years!

Chindian BOY!!!! Word to the junior homie! hehe! Yes already planning to drop by for MORE than just the 'pro' pills! I barter with Heineken!

Nex said...

Oi! Quietly go trekking ah and never tell me! Can I join you for Mt Agung & Lake Toba? If can then sms/email me the flight times you booked for Mt Agung, and book a ticket for me when you book the Lake Toba trip.

But if your intention is to have some alone time I totally understand.

Chindiana said...

Nex! remember LAST YEAR? haha! OK, ON for Agung - will sms you details tomorrow.

Nex said...

Wah u still holding a grudge about last year's Bali trip ah? Don;t lah...

Last year I was just totally pissed off with AA for suddenly canceling the KK-Bali route, PLUS I was hit with some unexpected bills around that time.

This year no problem, all fine and dandy liao, especially since I managed to not get racun into buying any props for the last few months... :)

Chindiana said...

HAHA! Just giving you a hard time la!

OKOK i sent you the details later.