Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where Are We Headed?

UPDATED 2.27PM, 17 June 2009. - inspired by S'wak 's comment I changed the original heading and added the poster from that classic from the 60's above.

I'm not part of Malaysian intelligentsia nor am I politically active or even politically motivated. My motivation stems from an ice cold beverage during Happy Hour, the odd Star Wars action figure and Neil Gaiman's latest literary adventure.

But lately it makes me wonder where are we really going with this party? We have a stronger Opposition but it basically feels like invited guests to your house party turn up without the second 'B' in BYOB. They're just draining the house keg and polishing off the chicken wings while the curtains are on fire.

The Federal boys too seem to be doing their best to remind us that we need a better, stringent education system so we have more informed citizens.

Below are some signs that we will never reach any so called vision or dream set out by political agendas in the next 10 years because there is not enough grey matter to share among those who represent us:

Solving the Mat rempit menace - "Lets train them to be pilots." Because at 30,000 ft they can't do the wheelie? Because you think cowards and thugs deserve better than those living below the poverty line?

Preventing H1n1 flu - "dont shake hands. Just bow your head or put your hand on you heart when greeting people." Holy frak. When Australia is doubting heat scanners will prevent or detect the flu and China is doing 100% checks ON the planes before landing at the airports (where they still have to go through the scanner) WE in all our wisdom are resorting to 'bowing'. -_-

The early stages of the haze (denial) - as usual the normal yearly bullshit lie - " the weather is hot so the air is HEATY." ?????????????????????? I woulda believed it if she said "all the cows in Malaysian farted at the same time". IT'S THE HAZE! Step out your air conditioned house, office and car and TAKE A DEEP BREATH woman! AND its not the Indonesians doing the open burning all the time.

"Go back to teaching Maths and English in Bahasa" Yes why not? Globalisation means driving from Perak to Kelantan to buy keropok lekor?

It's going to be an interesting time in the years to come...


S'wak said...


Haven't you heard? Moving backwards is the new word for progress! By 2020, we'll all be sitting around campfires wearing animal skins (you'll be wearing bear, of course) and roasting our catch of the day. Hopefully some Raquel Welch hottie will show up in a wooly mammoth bikini like in the movie One Million Years B.C...

Chindiana said...

S'wak, Dude! Actually it's not such a bad thing. I mean we won't have traffic jams, buildings collapsing around us and polluted rivers. Nature would have reclaimed what's hers and the air would be fresh and haze free.

Hmmm...maybe that's part of our leaders master plan? I wouldn't mind if every guy get a Hot Raquel as part of the degenerating process. I can go live with Nex in the mountains.

S'wak said...

Errr... you'd hope that every guy gets a Raquel, yet you yourself would prefer to live with Nex in the mountains? What's up with that? :p

Chindiana said...

Cos Nex can help me build my log cabin. AND maybe we can exchange Raquels?

Sorry man, sleepy from banana leaf lunch... :P

Nex said...

YOU guys should go get a room. Wah ha ha ha!!! :P

Seriously though, the way things are going, there won't be any mountain to live on pretty soon, or anyone left to go live in the mountain coz we'll all be dead from H1N1...

Chindiana said...

Aiyo...C'mon ler, let's have some hope here! BTW i get in Friday afternoon. Will call you bout plans. if busy I'll catch up with you Saturday.