Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Palmist

I was killing time around KL yesterday. I had to wait for some dude to confirm a meeting after it got delayed. I decided to visit a friend nearby for a quick coffee. She's specializes in palmistry and numerology. I never really paid interest in what she did, just comfortable enough to know how she made her living but not really wanting to know in depth at her trade.

We chatted for a while and then I followed her back to her shop to just browse about. Suddenly I was curious. There were charts, a calculator and a note book on her table. I asked her how she got by as there seemed to be zero customers.

She looked at me funny. "Chindy, you do know I'm quite well known? I mainly do personal consultancy at homes and most of the time it's over the internet. My clients are in Europe and some in the States."

"Um... wathcatalkingbout?"

"My dear, I am quite OK. Dont worry. I've been doing this for 10 years"

"Really? Hmmm... Hey how much to read me?"

"Depends on what you want. I can do either a health, business or love reading. Each one is RM138."

"Do business for me?"

I can't remember ever getting into my fortune told ever in the past except when my mum took me to see her regular Indian numerologist about 5 years back. It was something she wanted so I placated her by going. A lot of us believe in our future foretold in the pages books written by monks centuries ago, or the ancient art of palmistry OR if you're drunk at noon outside a Seremban coffee shop you will let a little budgerigar bird pick a playing card from a deck that will tell some tales of your fortune.

There were some slight miscommunication. I don't claim to understand this craft. I do know there is something to it. The miscommunication seemed to come about when she tried to interpret vibes or feelings from my hands.

"It's funny, on the outside you're so outdoorsy and gung ho but inside you're timid." she said a bit confused.

"eh....? wtf..." I normally keep an open mind. I've paid my money so I'm not going to distrust the words of the person I entrusted my money to read me. But all the while i was trying to match me going after people on a futsal or football pitch who've wronged me with the word 'timid'.

"yeah you're so timid. Its like you travel everywhere but you always come back to your center. maybe your home or your hometown. That's where your heart lies."

"yeah.... um wait you mean timid means always coming back to my home?"

"yes, yes, you always yearn for your comfort zone.."

"Oooohhhh.... OK." Mentally I replace 'timid' with 'unadventurous to leave home/no long term plans to go abroad'. Till i find a better word for it.

" one should mess with people you care for." she looks like me very seriously.

"yeah what, that's normal right."

"No Chindy, you will do whatever it take to protect them. No matter how extreme."

".............." I'm trying to imagine what the hell I would do in those circumstances. Admantium claws pop out of my hands? I turn green and rip my factory outlet boxers? Or just switch on my laptop and post an angry rant on this blog?

"You must make plans to have business outside these lands. This place may not have anything for you in the future."

"You've been dealing with a lot of people whom waste your time. Whenever you help people they in return suck your energy"

"You can give unconditionally. You could keep giving for as long as possible to someone who would not even care for you as long as you cared for her" (yeah we slipped into 'relationship reading' for a bit - no charge :)

"You've given up on your creativity Chindy. You used to live by your heart, now you've let you mind take over. Please Chindy let your creativity come back."

So what are these readings? Not quite the mumbo jumbo to unbelievers but there is something that binds us together. It's the Force, the Matrix and the One Ring combined. It's the chemistry between two people talking across the table for the first time, it's vibes and energy that revolves from within and without between plant, mammals and sometimes even politicians.

Well, what do I say to that? She didn't know about that 9 year relationship that crashed and burnt even after i knew that i loved her more than she cared for me?

And as I've mentioned I've strong gut feelings (being a Jedi that wrestles bears before breakfast and all). I may not necessarily listen to it all the time but I SOMETIME work on it.

Whatever she said corresponded to what my gut has been pleading me to do over the past one year. - I'm already planning at least one small investment abroad. Its nothing major. Even an investment into a chicken rice stall in Bali is enough (Nex! that was why I was pushing for Bali!). That dream about that bar my the beach is not some stupid yearning. I want that but am willing to compromise on it. A five foot way counter selling illegal moonshine can suffice.

I've already been putting together a rough plan to harness this so called 'creativity'. The writing for magazines has taken on a more fulfilling challenge. New magazines and new editors now keep me on my toes. Its still a hobby though. As this blog still slums around mediocrity and that fat arse Kenny Sia rings in the millions, I am resigned to the fact that it will be tough to get 20,000 hits a day. There are not that many smart people in Malaysia :P To resort to those numbers I would have to resort to posting naked pictures of politicians who make stupid remarks. And in Malaysia this could be a daily affair( wft man, giving mat rempits pilots licenses????? Andres - Mat rempits - coward biker gangs who prey on the weak)

And yes, friends have used me. I've cut them out. Some just drain my energy through sheer complacency and indifference. I've had to bail out so many idiots in the past that I am drained. The Good Samaritan quota is done. Fin. The next time you need some shit go see someone else. The Chindy Charity ended last year.

So anyway. It was an interesting half hour spent. I might go back for a health reading. Or should I do LOVE?


ah lim said...

Hope I didn't use u.
Yes... Kenny Sia is a fat arse.

Nex said...

Transfer RM100 into my Maybank account and I'll tell you what you want to heard in a long email :P

Chindiana said...

Ah Lim! haha dont worry la, you're not on The List!

Nex, what now Mr Jedi?

ghoul said...

LOL :)

well, life's looking up, then, chindy :)

word verification: nerom

p.s. don't do love :) ever.

Chindiana said...

Ghoulo! you're back! long time dude...

word ver - iolen (just for you..)

farah siva said...

do LOVE!! do LOVE!!!!

Chindiana said...

Farah! you eternal romantic you. Shouldn't HEALTH come before LOVE. Anyway you got Health and Wealth, LOVE will slink in through the back door somehow.

farah siva said...

after that la do health!!! so love will come wen u got health and wealth eh? u mean wen u HAVE wealth? then love better not come. cos then u won't know why they come. :P

Chindiana said...

true la. kacau aje... :P