Monday, June 8, 2009

Medan, Indonesia

I dont know how I get myself into these things. How I ended up flying to Medan for a day trip on a SUNDAY is beyond me. Chalk it down unconscious bad planning. I woke up and about 5 am for my 7.30 flight. I just got back from the airport. A good trip but bloody tiring. I had some time to kill so I actually pampered myself with a massage. Musta been good as I feel asleep halfway thru.

Medan is a funny old place. It's my first time there and at first glance it's just another dusty little town. But then you realise it has some great buildings that very well mantained and it actually has a fairly large Chinese community. This was a weird trip as I ended up having lunch in a Balinese restaurant with Indonesians called Heryanto who spoke fluent Hokkien! So much for taking in Medanese/North Sumatra culture and cuisene.

It's also the gateway to Lake Toba so I know that I will be back. I hear you can even take a half hour boat ride to Medan from Penang Island. Nice.

The only picture I have is from this trip is of a rat that was chiling out at the Palanio Airport so didn't bother to post it. We have bigger ones back here.

OK eyes closing now. Shall attempt to snooze.

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