Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'va a Good Sense of Things

I have a good sense for judging people. Well, OF and ABOUT people to be exact. I'm a semi decent judge of character. No, actually I'm a damn good judge of character. Actually I can be Jedi like when my Chidi-Senses start tingling.

Of course I'm not going to shake your hand up front and say "firm shake motherfucker. your outward blustering over compensating for a noodle sized pecker?"

No, no. I have some restraint. And its mostly this FEELING. Which gets stronger the more contact I have with a person.

The Chindi Senses have a few varying degrees of um... tingliness. It ranges from:

-pure outward irritation to a person who turns out to be the President of the Arsehole Association (normally reserved for arrogant sods who have no respect for others)


- quiet uneasiness when I just can't get a 100% grip on something thats wrong (like PEEKZ NOT LISTENING TO ME!).

I'm quite good at interviews and have been blessed by having hired the equivalent of the X-men/Jordan era Bulls/Chuck Norris combined.

So if I tell you your boy friend is an arsehole. LISTEN TO ME. You're just his trophy wife. Apple and Fanny are waiting every Friday at the Imperial King KTV Lounge.

If I tell you to lose some weight as women are supposed to be beautiful. LISTEN TO ME. Your body speaks volumes when you're not well.

If I tell you that manager from the other department is 'helping' you for the wrong reasons, LISTEN TO ME. It's because its a big project and he wants in just to share in the glory. He WILL bail on you when the shit hits the fan.

Of course I'm not perfect. I'm an eternal optimist and THAT screws with the Chindi Senses.

An arsehole walks into a conference room and:

the Chindi Senses of "A-hole! A-hole!" and...

the Hippie Optimistic Senses go "nah... no way he's going to back out of the deal. He gave you his word."

HIS WORD. Maybe in the time of our grandfathers that would carry weight.

Back to MY Chindi Senses - I dont give out lottery numbers but yeah I can read people pretty well. So send me those suspect girlfriends, your business partners, future wives, mistresses, husbands, etc. for an evaluation. Payment in the form of Sideshow Toys Premium Format Collection of Star Wars statues. Just one piece per consultation is OK.


farah siva said...

- quiet uneasiness when I just can't get a 100% grip on something thats wrong (like PEEKZ NOT LISTENING TO ME!).


Chindiana said...

haha, i thought i was gonna kena but luckily she's been too busy at work to check on this blog!

farah siva said...

oh i made sure she did :P

farah siva said...

oh by the way.. u know my bf's fren, hiro nakamura? his gf's name is apple ok :P

peekabooz said...

weell.. i've been diligently checking out ur blogs coz u wanted to hav more eye-balls than Mr. Sia :P

p/s:- farah! tenkiu!! :P

farah siva said...

anytaimmmm bebeh!!

peekabooz said...

@farah - his name is HIRO NAKAMURA?! as in the specky jappy dude from HEROES?! :)

Chindiana said...

no la his nick name is Hiro Nakamura. Looks like the dude from Heroes.

Where does Apple work? :P

Peekz, that first Hoegarden on me after you get off your meds!

peekabooz said...

YES!!! :) Wont say no to free drinks! ahahahhaaa..