Friday, June 26, 2009

The End of Neverland

Surprisingly, I was quite blase upon reading the news this morning. It shoulda been a shock, followed by a sense of disbelief. But instead, the I just flipped to check my email on updates on a proposal one of my colleagues was supposed to send me over the night.

After the freak show that was the second half of his life, I guess the world has moved on without Peter Pan of Neverland, The King of Pop.

RIP Michael, you made my family stay up waiting for the 'live' debut of the 'Bad' video on TV, me and the cousins queued for hours to get into Stadium Merdeka for you concert in Malaysia. You made me wonder why the Hell would Michael Jordon turn up in one of your videos.

Thanks for showing me one one little boy can accomplish and how far a King can crumble.


Ally Bedhouin said...

I was similarly blase when I read the news. And amazed at how quickly CNN turned into MTV with all those videos!

To be honest, since Thriller, his subsequent albums have made no impression on me whatsoever. I can't even name an MJ song I like beyond the 80's!

Ok, did that just reveal my age??

(P/s* I can't remember what name I used when I commented last time haha!)

Chindiana said...

Ally THe Bedhouin -dont worry you used the same name then also!

FOrget CNN, did you see ALL the local stations doing day long tributes - more so to tap into the hype than anything else. Worse, some Sony idiot came out and said already that they expect sales of the new Jacko album to go through the roof - all this even before the dude is buried!

My theory is Jacko is still alive - his plastic surgery was melting anyway. So the doc said let's just do a complete reconstructive and give you a new face. New face, new identity no problems.

He's probably retired somewhere in Batang Berjuntai sharing a kopi-o with Elvis, Jim Morrison and Big Foot.

Nex said...

HAh! EXACTLY what I said the other day: MJ is not dead; it was one of his body double who died, and he used the opportunity to change his identity and sta over!

Word verification: dammet (ha ha ha!)