Monday, June 8, 2009

Broga Hills, Semenyih, Selangor

"Ohmygawd! It looks like a secret rave party!" gasped the Princess as we pulled up to the parking area at the beginning of the trail up the hills of Broga. The entire palm oil estate seemed carpeted with cars of all shapes and sizes. This was quite unexpected as all the photos I had seen were of quiet idyllic grass covered hills against a back drop of stunning sunsets or sunrise.

There were people EVERYWHERE. It seemed like someone was giving out free coupons to a Leslie Chung concert. There were literally lines of people snaking up and down the hill. It was amazing as I had NO IDEA that it was this popular. It was annoying getting up the hill.

The view is not bad from the top, but in a way progress has marred what would have been a spectacular view as there are a lot of construction going on in the western lands below the hills and the forests and green lungs are pock marked by patches of industrial intrusion.

I have to admit the hills are the prettiest trails so far I have been around the Klang Valley BUT its only about 30 minutes to the first look out point. In all you can get to the top in about 45 minutes without taking too much time out from dodging on coming human traffic or cam whoring about the various rocks and ridges.

One of the first things you notice is the large numbers of amateur photographers scouring the hills for that perfect shot. Of course the cam whore to amateur shutterbug ratio is 5:1 on hills of Broga.

Pwetty twails in the sun light...

Its easy enough to get up and down the hills but the earth is hard and compact with a soft sandy over coat making it somewhat tricky to get a solid foothold. There are some parts which are steep especially for lady folk. But nothing some scrambling about cant solve. Recommended are shoes with grip - running shoes or trail shoes as you will need the grip on the descent.

A boulder with a crown of green.

I'm somewhat blase about the hills. Probably because of the insane carnival theme park crowd that was swarming all over the idyllic hills. Probably that I kept thinking this would be perfect if only the trails were much longer, instead of the ridiculously short climb up to the top. Maybe I couldn't take in as much as I wanted to. Anyway, I guess it would be good just to climb up at least once in your time. Its nice enough and the scenery if OK. The wind is cooling and I think it will best be enjoyed at sunrise where the early morning's mists comes out from the forests and caresses the hills in a soft embrace. (what the....?? hmmm... getting emo.)

And it's well, yeah well that's it. Broga Hills. Nice.

Getting there - take any of the roads that head to Semenyih which is after Kajang town. Just after Semenyih town, turn left at the sign that says Nottingham University or signs that say Rabbit Funland (a macabre joint where they serve you Rabbit satay). Drive straight down until you see Rabbit Funland on your right. The road to the beginning of the trails will be on your left.

Eating out - actually this was the highlight. Coming out from the parking area, turn left and head towards Broga town. Its the normal quaint little rustic rural town with a few Chinese coffee shops. Nothing better than a brunch of cold Carlsberg, 'loh mi kai', cha siew paus and pan mee!

I didn't see any mamak or Malay restaurants though for our muslim kakis. You will have to head to Semenyih for your halal grub.


C. Andres Alderete said...

See, this is what I'm talking about. Great pictures.

Chindiana said...

Hey Andres! Thanks dude, you're too kind!

Sam said...

Looks like an interesting location.

Chindiana said...

Its OK. Something diff for the countryside of KL. Nice place for a picnic (if you can stand the heat).