Monday, June 29, 2009

AirAsia Oakland Raider Airbus A340

The first question on anyone's mind is - WHY IS A MALAYSIAN/SOUTH EAST ASIAN lot cost carrier sponsoring a American football team, in a country it does not even fly to?

The Malay Mail blasted AirAsia for not sponsoring Malaysian sports and instead sponsored teams from abroad. Here be the reasons why?

1. The sponsorship of the Raiders, like Manchester United is a long term marketing campaign to prepare when AirAsia finally flies into the US. Based on the Manchester United sponsorship model where AirAsia sponsored the English football club 3 years before they stated flights to Stansted in London. This simply meant that by the time AirAsia started their ad campaigns for actual flights, the English already knew about AirAsia. Its strictly business. And really good long term planning - something most Malaysian companies do not do.

2. Sponsorhip of Malaysian sports is NOT sponsorship in the real world. Here when a company sponsors a sports its strictly CRS - Corporate Social Responsibility, as most of our sports are in a state of utter rubbish. They are definitely in NO POSITION to offer any marketing or branding clout to any potential sponsor.

So when the Malay Mail hit out at the airline, it was a poorly written piece with not much research done - AirAsia last year paid RM 1 million to the Football Association of Malaysia, and recently sponsored the Hockey Junior World Cup in Kuantan to the Tune of RM500K. And that experienced journo kept saying that the airline did nothing.

Ignorance or sensationalism just to sell more papers?

Moving on - the AirAsia X Airbus A340 with the Oakland Raiders livery is dubbed the 'Xcellence'. It was unveiled to regional media last Friday at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Sepang.

The nose inspired by the grill(is that what its called?) of an American football helmet.

The rights side of the plane is painted with the imagery of the Raiders cheerleaders, the Raiderettes and.....

The left has the images of some team members.

Align Center
Group CEO of AirAsia with staff and members of the Oakland Raiders which included Raiders legends Ted Hendricks, Rod Martin and Cliff Branch. Some of the Raiderettes were also in attendance.

The livery is not as loud or colorful as the other AirAsia painted aircraft as the color scheme of grey and black is sombre but the strong imagery of players and cheerleaders gives it an elegant look after a few looks.

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