Friday, May 22, 2009


" Hey why don't you get a fuck before you go back?"

Ahhhh..... I love the Thais (only if they are very familiar with you or in my case a former colleague). Where else would you get such a casual invitation for shag right after a meeting? I had just finished a meeting and was rushing for the 1pm flight. It caught me off guard but I really couldn't help grinning at the invitation. It was blatantly casual but seriously sincere. 

"I'll get my driver to send you into town."

"nono its ok man. I gotta head back. I've another meeting in KL later."

"OK la. (barks something in Thai to his secretary to get the suspiciously gay Malaysian a cab to the airport) 

It was an interesting day trip to Bangkok yesterday. It started with a semi panic attack when I realized I was wearing a red polo shirt and flying into Bangkok still fresh from the 'Red Shirts' anti-government protest a month ago. Luckily the cab was not that far out so we turned around for me to find a suitable ensemble to fly into Thailand (yellow and camouflage were also out of season)

I was then provided in-flight entertainment on the flight back when:

One of those loud 'ah bengs' walked into the plane, obviously talking to his business partner, mistress or bookie on his mobile phone. He ignored the both the  flight attendant's polite requests to not use his phone. Then its was Show Time:

An old English man in front of him turned around and said sternly," Turn it off. It's against the rules!"

Ah Beng kept on going.


Ah Beng looks stunned. The old dude shoves him hard off to towards the exit. Ah Beng stumbles out in a daze.
"You BASTARD! You IGNORANT, INCONSIDERATE BASTARD!!!!" the old Pom keeps at it to the back of the retreating Ah Beng.

By then the whole plane is deadly quiet. I'm disappointed as there was no flurry of fists or blood. Ironically the old man ends up sitting next to me.

"Ironic... " I think to myself - 2 grumpy bastards sitting in a row.....


winniechan said...

so no shag then?

Chindiana said...

nope. I woulda done one on your behalf if i knew you would be disappointed in me for not sharing Chindian Love with an exotic Thai babe.

and no tranny jokes Ah Chanzzzz!

farah siva said...

hey u know coming back and going to india was bessss.. while taking off got sms beep and while landing also got sms beep. got people toking on the fon also while landing. INDIA LAGI BOLEH LA!

Chindiana said...

at least the folks on India fligh's are consistent! I wonder what it is that is such an emergency that they cant wait to get to the terminal to switch on their phones. Checking 4D numbers?

Wak This Way said...

LoL. Did the stupid Ah Beng board the flight eventually? You half expect the whole cabin to start clapping their hands and cheering him on. A tad bit aggressive but that's the only way to deal with dickheads.

Chindiana said...

Yeah he did. He meekly walked past AND apologized profusely to the old war horse.

Majulah a solid bollocking untuk Negara!