Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back To Brunei

The thing about traveling around the region is that I can never really remember whether I'm hours ahead or behind in some of the countries.

I got into Bandar Seri Bagawan last night and had a listless night in the hotel. However I woke up totally refreshed at about 7am according to my watch. It must be 8am as Brunei should be an hour ahead of Malaysian time because no way could I be so fresh after literally no sleep.

I bolt out of bed as I need to send off some emails before breakfast. I do the necessary, keeping ESPN loud to keep me awake, get dressed, grab my lap top and head to the cafe as the wifi in the room is reporting for duty with the urgency of a pot smoking Jamaican sloth.

I glance up at the cafe clock and it reads 7.30 am. I look at my watch. 7.30AM.

I ask the Filipino waitress if it's really 7.30am or 8.30am. She looks at me like I'm a retard and points back to the clock on the wall. It's now 7.31am.


Brunei time = Malaysian time


Need to start thinking with a sharper mind on the road. Wouldn't do to start checking the FEMALE box on local immigration forms at the airports.

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