Monday, April 27, 2009

The Malaysian FA Cup Final

It was the Kelantan fans that made this one of the most electrifying Cup match in Malaysian football history. At least a minimum of 80,000 fans at Bukit Jalil Stadium a sea of red/white and red/yellow created at atmosphere that would challenge any Italian or Spanish game. I've been to Old Trafford and the volume level at Bukit Jalil on that warm Saturday evening surpassed even that. OKOK given the fact that most MU fans at the Theatre of Dreams aren't know for their passion.

But it was Kelantan and their fans. They're the team that everyone wants to hate. Passionate disruptive fans who are not averse to burning a cop car or two to avenge a double loss to Negri Sembilan, the Kelantanese aren't known to be an easy people to deal with. Fiery, aloof with a massive chip on their shoulder they brought they're passion in the form of at least 40,000 fans in 200 busses, some trains and cars who travelled a couple of hundred kilometers to support their team.

Peter Butler was right. Malaysian football was the winner on the 26th of April 2009.


The politicians turned up in force. PKR used this arena to market themselves. Anwar made an entrance and was seated next to the VIPs. When Selangor players were on the stage celebrating their victory, Anwaar made his way down to have his picture taken with the team. 

Politics and sports go hand in hand in Malaysia. Not the best of combinations as sports is then bastardized into a political tool and not the joyful celebration of freedom and gamesmanship its supposed to be. But there he stood, in the middle of the team as the media photographers snapped away, trying to get some airtime for himself. 

One of his supporters didn't behave any better than the Kelantan fans as he barged through the VIP entrance without a pass, rudely throwing off the arm off the poor dude on gate duty. Our former DPM just said "biar, biar its OK". But dude, if you dont respect others, how do we respect you and your ilk?

Make a call PKR. If you want us to take you seriously you've got to walk the walk. You've done all the talking so far.

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