Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In An Ideal World...

In An Ideal World...

My girl friend

View from my house porch

My car

My work

In reality...

My girl friend

View from my house porch

My car

Work (I'm for sale if the bananas are ripe)

* semi-disclaimer - of course some exaggerated as my staff are fantastic and my car is a little bigger...


Nex said...

Dude, YOU? Complaining???

You don;t have a g/f now so you can F*** like a rabbit without a care. And knowing your 'high-standards', I bet some of the women you've crossed paths with lately came preety close to your fantasy babe. Right? Right?

Don't play the sob story card, show them the real view from your porch/ex-kitchen. Not quite paradise, but still a darn good view.

And your car is quite similar to the white one in the pic above what...(ok so all sedans look the same to me. I don't really pay attention to sedans...)

And your work! You get to go all over the world FOR FREE!

You? Complaining?!?! Slap you then you know :P

Chindiana said...

Dont slap me ler Nex! haha! not complaining ler... just reflecting. Mirroring the unsatisfied yearnings of a generation bred on excesses. The fascination of the grass on the other side and the desire for more, better, higher and better and curvier with guns and ... yeah, things like that. (remind me not to answer comments when I've had one tow many heinekens)

AND i havent shagged a rabbit since i was delusional and thought i was a rabbit...

ghoul said...

LOL. Rabbits :)

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