Thursday, April 30, 2009

U2 B 4 I Die

I've been playing this song since 5.30AM. The opening riff never fails to give me goose bumps. Hopefully next year I get to watch them live...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've been up since 4am today. I'm now trying to finish an article for the very patient editor of Going Places magazine. It's funny, i'm writing about hidden island getaways in Malaysia in a room at the Shangri-La in Makati, the busiest business hub in the Philippines. Reminds me of last year when I had to i wrote a blog post on hiking and exploring sunny Bali in the cold room of a Stamford Bridge hotel.

I just got back from the Hard Rock. That beer needed to be drunk. Those ONE DOZEN buffalo wings however, DID NOT need to be eaten. So here i sit with the stomach of a well fed python feeling sorry for myself as I can't seem to think let alone string a meaningful sentence together.

I have to get my ass out of the hotel by 6am tomorrow meaning I have to drag my ass out of bed by 5 (to include check out and get a cab to bus station to Clark Fields airport 2 hours away).

That gorgeous bed is calling me....

Luckily not much left to do. Hope I hear the alarm later.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Malaysian FA Cup Final

It was the Kelantan fans that made this one of the most electrifying Cup match in Malaysian football history. At least a minimum of 80,000 fans at Bukit Jalil Stadium a sea of red/white and red/yellow created at atmosphere that would challenge any Italian or Spanish game. I've been to Old Trafford and the volume level at Bukit Jalil on that warm Saturday evening surpassed even that. OKOK given the fact that most MU fans at the Theatre of Dreams aren't know for their passion.

But it was Kelantan and their fans. They're the team that everyone wants to hate. Passionate disruptive fans who are not averse to burning a cop car or two to avenge a double loss to Negri Sembilan, the Kelantanese aren't known to be an easy people to deal with. Fiery, aloof with a massive chip on their shoulder they brought they're passion in the form of at least 40,000 fans in 200 busses, some trains and cars who travelled a couple of hundred kilometers to support their team.

Peter Butler was right. Malaysian football was the winner on the 26th of April 2009.


The politicians turned up in force. PKR used this arena to market themselves. Anwar made an entrance and was seated next to the VIPs. When Selangor players were on the stage celebrating their victory, Anwaar made his way down to have his picture taken with the team. 

Politics and sports go hand in hand in Malaysia. Not the best of combinations as sports is then bastardized into a political tool and not the joyful celebration of freedom and gamesmanship its supposed to be. But there he stood, in the middle of the team as the media photographers snapped away, trying to get some airtime for himself. 

One of his supporters didn't behave any better than the Kelantan fans as he barged through the VIP entrance without a pass, rudely throwing off the arm off the poor dude on gate duty. Our former DPM just said "biar, biar its OK". But dude, if you dont respect others, how do we respect you and your ilk?

Make a call PKR. If you want us to take you seriously you've got to walk the walk. You've done all the talking so far.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here Alone Munching on M&Ms

9PM, I'm in Singapore now in my hotel room. Just finished writing up a short report of today's meetings. Later I'll probably meet an old friend for drinks and tomorrow I head back to KL. On Tuesday I accomplished another first in my life. I set foot in Brunei! Of course it's work related but surprisingly it was a rather pleasant two days ( I got back late Wednesday). More on that in another post.

Today the cabin crew of AirAsia also pleasantly surprised me. The past few flights saw the normal pouty, rather grumpy young ladies sulking along the aisles. Many of the young 'uns take the brief of "applying personal touches to appearances or being individualistic" by dipping in a colorful palate of make-up, hairstyles and coloring that makes them a shoe in if ever there was a vacancy for Tea Ladies for the Moulin Rouge.

Today, the girls were naturally pretty and sweet. They were chatty and friendly but the best came just before the plane took off when Rihanna came on the piped in radio station and one of the attendants starting moving to the beat and singing along as she walked down the aisle. Not the Salak South Ah Lian Octopus Being Electrocuted moves but the sweet jiggy steps of a Clubbing Babe Who can out dance every Pussycat Doll. Things are looking up AA...

I get back tomorrow afternoon followed by and event in the evening. Wednesday I re-visit Manila after a break of almost 5 years. Wonder how much things may have changed...

Nice... another friend has just text me to go out clubbing. Quiet drinks by the river side or all out prancing (like an octopus being electrocuted) among babes in a chic club? Hmm, what to do.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Word For the Day

~ a person who forms an outlet for female venting

Created exclusively for Chindiana Trails by Winnie Chan, that potty mouthed babe from the Land of Scousers. Tankyew Ah Chanzzz.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Randomness on A Sunday

Conversation in a mamak stall (a worrying sign that women get FAR too comfortable with my company without wanting to jump my bones or be the mother of little Chindian babies that wrestle bears before breakfast)

"Dammit Chindy, my breasts shrank two sizes!"

".............., um, OK."

"It's even too small for my old bra!"

"aahhh...maybe its cos you're working out like crazy in the gym."

"What's the point!!!! My ass is still huge! Look at these hips! What's the point of having small tits when they overshadow THESE (gestures to hips)!"

"ummm... yeah well i'm going to order another teh halia. You want?"

"huh? no la. Seriously la, at least when I was chubby I had my boobies..."

"aahh, yeah ok... 'BANG! teh halia satu? kurang manis ya?"

My Monthly Phone Date with the Streamyx Helpline - YESTERDAY

I call and get through to a human after being put on hold for about 15 minutes. Conversation lasts 3 minutes before being cut off. I call again. Repeat. 

I call for the THIRD TIME. Am lucky. I get through. 

"I'm using my office's MacBook. I need to find out how to configure to my Streamyx account so I can get online"

"You are using Window's XP Mr. Chindiana?"

"No dude, its a Mac. It runs on this Mac OS. I'm a tech idiot so dont really know anything about this fucking machine. Sorry man it's pissing me off..."

"So... no Windows XP?"

"-_-    ..............., NO."

"OK you go to preference, then you yadadadadad and then you yadadadada and then you....."

"Dude I think 'we're on different wave lenghts here man... These things are not here on the screen.....

"Can you hold Mr Chindiana?"


timepassingbytimepassingbytimepassingby..... attempt to pick nose then realise study window open and neighbors can see so stop and play with the Lara Craft  action figure on table while...

"Mr Chindiana?"


"I'm sorry but to install on your Macbook you have to go to TM Point and ask for the installation CD."

-_-     ,........."dude.... you coulda told me that at the beginning man. And TM Points are only open till one pm on Saturdays right?"

"Correct sir. So you can go on Monday. Is there anything else I can help you with Mr. Chindiana?"

"No thanks........... Thank you."

"Thank you for using TM Net Steamyx and have a nice day Mr Chindiana."


My shoulder blades are feeling like two two pieces of knotted up dried meat. I think too much time hunched over the laptop is taking it's toll. The whole body feels tired and worn as if I spent the night in a marathon orgy of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Pathetic now that that in reality yesterday was filled with trying to salvage work from my recently screwed lap top with intermitten sessions of watching the entire first season of the Disney X-men cartoon on DVD. Heading off to see the Foot reflex and massage dude down the road.

Trying to get used to this bastard MacBook. I hear from SOME that it's better than sex, which means SOME Apple people need to understand that sex doesn't mean trying to ace that Squirrel Mounts The Deer on A Winter Morning position from the Kama Sutra OR the application of copious amounts of lubricants. 

I am trying to conqueor this cursed Apple machine although I am now tempted to shove it up the ass of the next college part timer who tries to sell me a Streamyx subscription (will require copious amounts of lubricants)

So hot that my privates are pleading from a reprieve from the heat. I hear them whisper "please master, buy a sarong sir.... Burn the briefs sir! Sarong me Oh lord and master! Sarong Me!!!!"

"OKOK, you stop sweating like a water buffalo and I'll go get one at the pasar malam."

Worrisome sign when one starts to talk to one's privates...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In An Ideal World...

In An Ideal World...

My girl friend

View from my house porch

My car

My work

In reality...

My girl friend

View from my house porch

My car

Work (I'm for sale if the bananas are ripe)

* semi-disclaimer - of course some exaggerated as my staff are fantastic and my car is a little bigger...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Some Of Us Like...

What SOME Women Like...

The Metrosexual

The Noble Good Guy

Man Meat Testosterone Overdrive

The Lovable Joker

Rich Dude with A Ferrari

What Men Like...






Hot and Smart

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mutant Pirates

UPDATE 9.02AM 8th April 2009: So it's the incomplete version leaked on the internet. BUT still it's amazing how they got into production and released it in the market so quickly. Go HERE for more on this.


Well it's out! And a Master copy at that. BUT it's the unfinished version where they still need to whiteout the wires from the actors during fight scenes and simple computer graphics are in place where full CGI is yet to gloss over.

I just bought this as I was curious as the peddler was very convincing that it was a master copy. Even when i put it into the LG i kept thinking i got conned. But its a master copy all right. Impressive at the scale of the pirate movie market seeing that an unfinished movie can be sneaked out from editing/graphics facility and released into a market 3 weeks or a month before nationwide theatrical release.

- The fights scenes of Wolverine and Sabertooth fighting together as a team are cool. The opening sequence was especially breathtaking seeing them both fight wars throughout history.
- Great finale with both fighting Deadpool on a nuclear reactor (although in my copy its basic 3-D graphics, laughable actually but still...)
- Nice touches of introducing Blob, Gambit, the White Queen, Cyclops, Toad and a few others and Jean Luc Picard makes an appearance at the end.

Of course I'm going to see the movie anyway as there are probably changes. This was like second final draft of the finished product. I've seen movie trailers that showed Storm but in my copy she was not around.

Again I'm just amazed at the sophistication of the DVD pirate industry. If you can get into post production and get material out, the money must be big indeed.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kota Bahru, Kelantan

AirAsia's Airbus A320 withTourism Malaysia's ZOOM campaign livery at the LCCT

I haven't been to Kota Bahru for more than 20 years so it was quite an interesting re-visit when I hit the northern state of Kelantan for a day trip meeting. I don't really subscribe to the fact that it's a backward state full of hard core Muslim zealots. I've met many people from there and I am amazed how cool they are. And how can you not like that accent? (Even if you've no idea whether if they're talking about politics or just telling you that your fly in open)

View of the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Kota Bahru

My room at the Sutera Inn hotel. RM169 per night. OK la not bad.

Pantai Cinta Berahi or Pantai Cahaya Bulan. We had some time to kill before our late meeting so I pulled rank and said we had to sample the local beach fare for tea. Only one protest which was quickly squashed when I said that tea on a beach before a meeting would be duly sponsored by yours truly.

PAS changed the name of Pantai Cinta Berahi beach to Pantai Cahaya Bulan when they came into power. I guess a beach of 'passionate love' is a bad influence on the youth of the state. But most of the locals (well 2 that i spoke to) still referred to it by it's original name. Passionate Love rocks on yo!!!

The beach is quaint enough with lots of stalls selling all sorts of sea food deep fried with batter, from deep fried fish, to squid to crab. Of course nothing better than keropok lekor and fresh coconut water by a windy beach under shady coconut trees to make one's day.

There's really not that much shade except at the end of the beach which had some trees and under the makan stalls. It was way too hot to chill in the day time out in the open.

The life guard house.

A rather ticked off mak cik unhappy at a photo taking intruder taking pics of her kacang stall. This was at a state fair at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium before the mid week football game

Old skool fair ground attractions.

I took in the football game of Kelantan v Negri Sembilan. Fantastic crowd! full house!

I just thought this was cool.

I actually spent half a day so this is an unqualified opinion as anything there but Kota Bahru doesn't seem to have changed that much over the years. The pace is still laid back and the people seemed friendly enough. The food is Thai influenced and it's tough to get that bottle of beer or Coke but who cares eh? Keropok lekor and coconut water (by a windy beach) and open blue skies... lovely!