Thursday, March 12, 2009

Selling Singles 101

Ever browsed those semi-dating applications on Facebook like Zoosk, Are You Interested or Meet New People or whatever it's called?

We all know there are a lot off disgruntled singles out there, but if you really want to get somebody's attention especially when you're competing against nubile 20 year olds who are posing in string bikinis OR expensive studio photos which can make Bigfoot look like Angelina Jolie, you really need to make SOME effort to catch a man's attention, which many already consider a mental sieve AND let's face it, the first thing on any guys mind browsing these apps is NOT looking for the mother of his children.

SO, you need something to make them want to click 'YES' or 'FLIRT' or 'LEG HUMP' or whatever it is you click on to show a person you think they are worthy of a step up in human interaction besides poking them or sending them a Galactic Garggleblaster on FB.

You do NOT put up some weird ass-ed picture that serves a random profile browser a warning that you could be a pot smoking, alien geek from the Planet Zorbag.

Here are some random samples of photos that some ladies have on FB date applications (or on their profiles, almost the same thing PLUS I'd hate to see what guys put up as pictures):

Cool, package deal - date one get the rest for free.

Hi, this is a self portrait and I've got only one nostril...

I'm seriously lost for words on this one...

Not a bad deal this. You've already got a friend that you haven't met yet.

Ah! She looks like a .....

The Doctor of Love?


Only geeks need apply?

HOLY SHIT! It's BIGFOOT! Wahahahah!

I really don't know man, why would a chick put a picture of Bean as her profile pic? Maybe it's prettier than the picture on her Planet Zorbag passport?

Uummm.... yeah OK. That makes it easy for us. At least she's clear about what she wants...


peekabooz said...

I think the only vampire she's into is the Edward Cullen dude in Twilight (Robert Pattinson) issshh... :P

Chindiana said...

omg.. the Twilight Brigade breaches facebook!

ghoul said...

The ONLY Twilight Brigade I will accept is the one from Hack//:Roots ... Haseo!

The rest are imitation!

word verification: raner

Chindiana said...

OKOK, I just made that up dude. Didn't even know something already existed in anime or manga or hentai land.