Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chindy's Journal...

Chindiana's Journal, March 21 2009. Seen dead dog in alleyway. Tire threads over burst stomach. Must have been Malaysian driver......

Fever subsiding, lack of food has made body weak. Buns and water not enough. Went out to seek nourishment of porridge. Stocked up on fruits as well. Have enough to last me the weekend.

Came home to surreal scene. Kazakhstan neighbors having picnic under shady trees in the apartment grounds. In ten years living in apartment no one has done this. Must investigate as seems there was substantial planning - they brought pretty cloth to lay on ground and picnic basket. Suspicious? Or is it Kazakhstan ritual to enjoy sunshine in the outdoors? Must pay them visit later for questioning although the men are larger than me and the women quite delectable... hrrm...never mind.

Decided to watch DVDs while on meds. Put in Wall E. Must pay visit to stupid robot. Retarded communication skills damaging chances with the white egg thing. Changed to Harold and Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay. Put life in perspective. Stupid to take bong on plane though.

Meds giving me funny dreams. The Locusts from Halo 2 keep appearing shouting at me in what sounds like bad Hokkien. Not sure if they are asking for directions to Klang or ordering a plate of noodles. Disturbing as I don't even play the game.

Tomorrow I will treat myself to banana leaf lunch at Jaipur. Efficiently surly waiters make me comfortable. It will be my first solid meal since lunch on Thursday. I hope my dreams are better tonight with that thought. Shouting mutants just don't do it for me.


Jun-E said...

Hey hope you get well soon. Also to cheer you up I shall tell you about this wet dream a friend had (in response to your shouting mutant dream - I don't routinely tell people my friend's wet dreams as a pick me up).

What happened was he was on top of this girl and he started pounding on her with two penises (apparently both his). They were also both detachable, as after he came on the girl he took them both off and mindfully cleaned them and kept them in a penis case, where they will remain until the next wet dream.

End of story. Filly!

ah lim said...

Sorry friend. Don't have a wet dream to cheer you up. Watch this funny clip, i'm sure you'll agree that our leaders are ball grabbers :P

Chindiana said...

Thanks Jun-E! MUCH better today! :D

Your friend with the dream a metrosexual? most guys wouldn't think of mindfully cleaning anything least of all a double headed detachable penis/es! :P

Ah Lim! Thanks bro! NIce one! So THAT was what you were trying to send me over FB.