Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chindy's Journal - The Fever Rants Continue

Chindy's Journal, 22nd March 2009. Woke up to a queasy stomach. Could not wait for noon to treat stomach to banana leaf lunch. Left for breakfast of 'wan tan' mee (which I find out later is one of the hardest noodles to digest). Made for Atria where the Warehouse book shop consumes my time.

Wan tan not settling well. Feeling nauseous. Head for public restroom. Father and two sons using facilities. Father whistles a tuneless racket to youngest boy's privates in the hope to coax out urine. Forget this was old custom even back in the day. I cough up phlegm and blow nose. Phlegm mixed with blood. Hrrmm... Not good. "Come on, lets go!" barks father as he walks out of toilet without washing hands. Both boys follow obediently. One more bad seed planted in unsuspecting minds by one who holds the future of his own bloodline in his hands.

Have company for lunch. Abandoned thoughts of spicy banana leaf to experiment with an organic lunch. Am pleasantly surprised it does not taste like cardboard soup. Stomach still queasy so walk nearby for foot reflexology. Am pleasantly surprised again as my masseur is a Malaysian. Which means my ailments can be conveyed effectively. And he is quite good. Bad misjudgement thinking all good foot reflexology therapists are from China.

I bump into old acquaintance. Been going through rough time. Went back to habits of pot and E last year. Would not listen to advice (note to self - using term 'stupid cow' on hysterical woman high on drugs not advisable). She's clean. Can tell. She's tough. Good people.

I must eat a solid meal. Stomach does not feel good. Blood still coming from nose. Must be body heat. Cannot seem to eat without wanting to throw up. I make decision to test the fates. I takeaway 'bak kut teh' soup with taufu and rice. The broth will make eating the rice palatable. I finish the rice. Stomach has settled. Body feeling better than yesterday. Tomorrow it will be stronger. Tomorrow I must talk to people who wear suits and cuff links.


ah lim said...

Get better friend. Must be working too hard.

Chindiana said...

No la. Caught in rain, aircon, hot sun, repeat cycle next day... (keep forgetting my skull not as thick as it used to be)