Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chindy Goes Places

Oh hey, forgot to mention that if anyone's flying on Malaysian Airlines check out my first article for Going Places in their in-flight magazine. YES, NO PROFANITY....

It's not really an article but more of a Top 10 outdoor destinations in Malaysia from the personal experiences of some of the most experienced outdoors folk in the country. Some of them I am proud to call my friends and the rest will soon be after we get together for those cold beers. Its on Page 54 and its called Great Green Getaways.

And next month (April) look out for the Muse column(which I wrote as Jim Brickman just for a shallow cheap laugh) in the very same fine magazine where I write a heart wrenching personal expose on how playing with Lego building blocks as a child moulded me into the fine gentleman that I am today. Grumpy BUT still a fine gentleman. who wrestles bears before breakfast :P

Here's the profile of the people I interviewed:

1. The great folks from Quick Release Adventures- the founders of the Duathlon race series in Malaysia and also the organizers of the Malaysia leg of the Powerman Duathlon international race series. They also organize many of the large mountain bike races in KL as well as being involved in the Tour of Britain (yeah, don't play play y'all). If you're keen on the races or just want to check out their events where men and women have no body fat check out - www.quickrelease.com.my

2. Diver Dude Nizam Mansor - Nizam the ultimate beach bum made good. One of the most experienced dive masters in Malaysia with over 700 divers certified. Can be found chugging back ice cold beers in Waikiki Bar when he's not holding courses, diving off the coast of Mexico or training super models at the pool at Luna Bar. Find Nizam at www.nizamdiveteam.com

3. Nomad Adventures - Yuen Li the owner is THE most experienced adventure racer in Malaysia. She has taken part in the Eco Challenge as well as the Raid Gaoullaise (think I spelt it wrong) as well as the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest. She used to run the Summit Climbing Gym. She now has a climbing school in Perak while organising white water rafting adventures in Kuala Kubu Baru. They're at www.nomadadventure.com

4. Erik Fearn - one of Malaysia's most experienced photo journalists. This easy going mat salleh takes some great pics and can be seen sipping afternoon teh tarik in Gasing Hill on the weekends. Check out his great pictures at www.erikfearn.com

5. Borneo Dream Travel and Tours - A bunch of English IT and banking professionals who gave up life in suits and spending it now running a dive ship off the coast of Kota Kinabalu. Cool or what eh? For diving trips in KK check them out at www.borneodream.com.


winniechan said...

few things to pick with you:

1. no profanity? sounds like you sold your soul, chindi.

2. please show us photographic evidence (NON-PHOTOSHOPPED) of you wrestling bears before breakfast otherwise i reckon it's just you frolicking on the bed with your kungfu-panda in the morning. dressed as a bunny.

3. i don't recall you interviewing me. not cool man... not cool.

Chindiana said...

Ah Chanzzz!

1. Wei, mass market magazine ler. Profanity = non publication...

2. How do you know I have a Kung Fu Panda???

3. Ummm.... Sipping tea at Albert Docks and terrorizing drunk football fans near Goodison in your little Mini Cooper doesn't qualify you as a seasoned Malaysian Outdoor Professional.....yet :P

winniechan said...

ah chindizzzzz...

1. you say to-may-to, i say to-mah-to. still sold your soul.

2. just a wild guess. looks like i'm right.

3. i only started to sip rose wine not tea in albert docks less than 2 years ago. i have been (and always will be) a malaysian for over 30 years. and i certainly have been to the jungle that is malaysia despite having one utama as my second home. even that... there is a little 'jungle' in one utama with waterfall and koi fishies ok??? don't pray pray.

Nex said...

I got more leach bites and thorny palm scars then those bears you (supposedly) wrestle before b'fast, PLUS I also gave up my career in a *ahem* multi-national company to chill in Kota Kinabalu. Wanna interview me? :P

Chindiana said...

Nexo...running a school canteen doesn't make you and outdoor professional....

if we start that bed and breakfast i'll make sure we get into the mags bro.