Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Silent Lucidity

I had this weird dream last night. It made me think of this old Queensryche song. Not sure when or if I started dictating the flow of the dream but this is how it went :

There was this little girl in pink dress jumping off a cliff. I couldn't see her face but she had dark shoulder length hair. This scene kept repeating itself. Sometime later it felt like i needed to peer over the cliff to see what was at the bottom. It was empty. Just a white space.

This is when it felt like my subconscious started to dictate matters.

"Damn, she could get hurt"

Suddenly a pink parachute deploys.

"Can't see the bottom. Wonder what's down there...?"

A lake appeared below.

"She's a kid, what if she can't swim?"

The lake turned into pink jello which she promptly fell into and sunk up to her neck.

"Damn... she could suffocate if she sinks into that jello" (it was a lake sized jello)

The jello turned into water that splashed harmlessly around her.

"Demmit, she might catch a cold..."


A purple Teletubby appeared with a hair dryer.........

I woke up after this of course, ALTHOUGH there seemed some garbled fuzziness before the i actually opened my eyes. I would like to think it was my subconsciousness having words with The Dream King.

"Dude, WTF man???? A frakking Teletubby??????"

"Teletubbies invoke a sense of familiarity with one's inner child young Chindy"

"Morpheus, my man, I haven't had inner child moments for the last couple of decades man!!! AND don't you know that Teletubbies freak out anyone older that 8 months old????"

"......, clearly you are mistaken?....bzb...bzzzt....

" Othankgod he's waking up.... Look, next time get with the program OK Morph?"


winniechan said...

sounds like you had some bad mushrooms for dinner.

Chindiana said...

haha! actually it was NO dinner. It was after futsal which i ended up getting home by 11pm. showered and crashed without eating. Let that be a lesson to you kids, dont sleep on an empty stomach!

ah lim said...

Seriously... sounds like a freaky dream. I don't know about teletubbies haven't watch them before.

Chindiana said...

Here's a little bit about the world of teletubbies young Lim -

ah lim said...

no thank you. i don't want to have teletubbies in my dreams. :P

Chindiana said...

Dude c'mon! watch one episode of Teletubbies and it'll put hair on your chest.