Monday, February 2, 2009


I was reading this blog after a recommendation by a friend. This post brought on a chuckle fest:

Here is an excerpt from the post Tipping Points:

There's a business/marketing/advertising jargon that we like to call the "Tipping Point". It's that pivotal something that either turns an opinion, creates a decision, or alters perception to either win, lose, open, close, like, dislike something.

My obeservations of Tipping Points in KLCC over the weekend are as follows:

a. Guy in KLCC carrying a Gucci shopping bag : Cool
b. Guys in a group in KLCC carrying Gucci shoppingbags : Gay

a. Girl in short shorts and flats in Chinoz : Rich gal having Sunday brunch
b. Girl in short shorts and stilettos in Chinoz : Sugar daddied slut

a. Guy in Bottega Venetta giving helpful comments to female partner : Schmuck
b. Guy in Bottega Venetta giving understanding nod to other guys on the sofa : Comrade

a. Guy who helps carry girlfriend's 8 shopping bags : Valiant
b. Guy who helps carry girlfriend's handbag : Pansy fool

a. Guy having Double Espresso at Starbucks with 3 hot girls : Stud
b. Guy sipping on Vanilla Surprise with whipped cream with 3 hot girls : Sistah

a. Guy with Man U jersey on : Supporter
b. Guy with Man u jersey AND Man U cap on : Dork

a. Guy in shirt and tie with one handphone : Businessman
b. Guy in shirt and tie with 2 handphones : Malay businessman having an affair / affairs

So remember guys n gals, you might wanna be mindful of sending out the wrong kinda message to the audience of the brand that is you.

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Nex said...

I NEED the url to that blog NOW! I'm gonna have SOOOO much fun commenting there!!!

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Chindiana said...

try this

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