Friday, January 23, 2009

The Women of Johor

I run through lists in my head when I'm stuck in traffic. And this time around it settled on what makes a woman attractive. Not so much in a physical sense but more as in the overall package.

So it's like this. Stuck on the Federal Highway. Bumper to bumper and I start running thorough what I thought was cool, attractive and special in a woman. Things that set them apart from the dead eyed, career grouches and self appointed eternal victims out there. Things that make them Ramly Burger Spesel, a Kobe beef treat, some one you can take home to see momma, meet the Queen of England and yet have your back in a street fight with Martian invaders:

1. Vivacious

2. A certain amount of babe factor (why claim otherwise?)

3. Smart but not in the irritating know-it all kind of way

4. Worldly - someone you can just spend hours talking to about anything from Neil Gaiman to Parisian food to the best hiking trails in China and even engaging in heated discussions on the demerits on the criteria for Sainthood in these modern times.

5.A fun sense of humour

6. Confident

7. Independent

8. A good friend in need

Of course there were a few more attributes that tried to squeeze in, like "lips like Angelina Jolie, butt like Jennifer Biel, legs like Giselle" which I had to beat off with a stick in the name of reality. Aaaaaand also that I am no Leonardo or JT.

So names start popping up. The women that I've known, from friends, colleagues, the 2 Exs, the occasional dates which morphed into friendships, etc, etc.

And then its there! Sitting on the hood of my bonnet a vision! A declaration!

The majority of them all come from Johor! Of course there are girls from KL, Penang and Seremban and even scary Klang, but the sheer numbers and consistency came from our Southern state. 5 girls in total - smart, funny, quirky, great fun to be around, laid back yet not to be messed with, a great, great sense of humor, an easy laugh, great to have back up in times of need and ALL hotness personified.

Thank god most Johor girls are working in KL or Singapore because if I'd have to move there I don't think I could survive the bad drivers and the scary club scene over there. Techno and triads still haven't found a soft sport in my heart.

I've left out names of course just in case the Stalker Gene gets activated in some of you jantans out there.

But today I present 5 reasons (in my world) why Johor has the highest concentration of That Special Woman in Malaysia.

Majulah Perempuan Johor Untuk Negara.

Note - I would like to thank my friends for allowing me to use their pictures on this blog AND NO I haven't dated any of them.


Nex said...

I see four browser seem to 'censor' certain pics...haih...

But I can definitely see a few of them backing you up in a fight against invading aliens; and I know exactly what outfit they'd be wearing, and what would be their weapon of choice too...Ha ha ha!!!

Chindiana said...

Nex....... siiiighhhhh......

5 pics. one at the begining of the post and the rest at the bottom of the text. my bad, text misleading.

today i m suhana said...
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Chindiana said...

Sorry Su hate to spoil your day.


No romantic or any other interests involved.