Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Makes Me Listen To Andrea Bocelli

Read the following and just play the clip even if its for one minute. And you would have shared a part of my Thursday.

"~Nokia Ring Tone~"


"Ehhhh Chindiiiiiiiiiiii my brudder! Happy New Year my friend!"

"Hey, thanks man."

"Hey so about that quotation you wanted. I know its late but still can get in? I got the deal man. Damn good!"

"Sigh.... Dude the deadline was last Friday la. I already extended 3 weeks for you. The client's very disappointed with me. You sure you have confirmed numbers?"

" Of course my brother! I got all the separate territories. I'm forwarding you each contracts."

".................. wha.... What EACH contract? You're the agent. I told you to console all into one master contract and we sign with you."

"But you want it right so this is the best way what. These South Americans don't do business like we do here."

"YES I want it but not in pieces la! Bloody hell the legal shit will be up to my balls la if anything goes wrong! How are the contracts? Are they OK? Is the client protected?

"Why don't I send to you? You can have a look. I'll work on combining into one contract."

"Sigh... OK la...How do the contracts look? Solid?"

"Not sure yet boss but I'll get it translated and email to you."

"Translated? WTF for???

"Ohhh... nothing they are in Spanish...."


S'wak said...

Con Te Partiro is one of my favorites too, dude. The duet version with Sarah Brightman (retitled "Time To Say Goodbye") is also very good.

Chindiana said...

Yeah, that version only in English right?

S'wak said...

Duo-lingual. Bocelli sings in Italian and Brightman in English.

Chindiana said...

Oh yes, thats quite good actually. tho i hope there would be a an all italian version out there. the english seems to take a bit out of it.