Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So the year of the Ox comes in at an opportune time. The Golden Ox shall sweep aside the ragged economy and bring on more prosperity for most of us except the those poor fellers born in the year of the Monkey, Horse and what's the other one?

Besides being a hopeless son and a clueless Hindu, I'm also a bad half Buddhist (having liberal parents of mixed parentage who let me party on both sides of religious platforms only brought about some confusion in my religious inclinations). The only things I do is TRY is not to eat beef (so far I eat beef once in 2 years normally for clients in Korea), I do the Chin Beng bit where funnily my Chinese dad has no mood for it, so its up to me and my aunt where once a year we stumble about a Chinese grave yard looking for my grand father's grave to share a meal with him.

Once a year during the Chinese new year I'm reminded of my Chinese heritage. The re-union dinner is a novelty for a family of anti social misfits. My mum exercised executive power and gets us to do the sit down every year. TO be honest its good. It reminds me that family stays with you no matter where you lay your hat.

On this day I contend with people telling to:

1. Not start work on the 4th of day of the Chinese New Year as it's bad luck

2. Sleep in red underwear so you'll catch the attention of the God of Prosperity

3. Don't sweep the house on during the first couple of days as I'll be sweeping the good luck away. (that includes not cutting my hair on the first two days)

I used to ignore it. Now I try to respect it all ALTHOUGH I'm still not comfortable sleeping in red Calvin Kleins waiting for a Chinese deity to jump me with with a sack of prosperity.

This is is our grandfather's house in the Rahang new village in Seremban. We grew up here when my aunties used to baby sit us when our parents went to work. It's a typical new village house. Back in the day even cops were a little hesitant to come into a Chinese new village. Many bad asses lived here. Now it's a totally different ball game. Time has made bad asses move on and out with families of their own seeking better lives. Now what would have been unthinkable in the past there are Indian families living here Rahang New Village.

My aunt refuses to move from here. My grandfather has long since passed on and she says she's lived here her whole life and she doesn't want anything more. This is her home. Looking at this and not being an elitist prick, I think we take too much for granted in our lives nowadays. We spend RM40 for a jug of beer. For my aunt that's a week of groceries.

Just wondering around the old playground and took some pics.

My 'ah kung's' old abacus. I think I broke the first one. :P

The coil joss stick for the new year.

The Rahang New Village in Seremban.

The Rahang New Village is one of 2 in Seremban, the other being the Rasah New Village. To you young 'uns the New Villages was a tactic by the British to control and monitor the Chinese population during the Communists era where the Chinese were being courted by the Red boys.

They had a hard reputation as I mentioned earlier. Years ago, as I looked Malay, my aunt would never allow me to send her back if she came visiting as she was afraid that I would be stopped by some of the local boys who might take offence at a Malay looking dude driving in their neighborhood. The first time she let me (after I basically forced her into my car) she kept telling to to call her neighbor(she doesn't own a telephone) if anything happened along the 2 minute drive out to the main road. Although my ego took a hit I just knew there would be nothing to stop her and her posse of mahjong partners descending on the local thugs with shouts and screams of "what would your mother think???" in her mission to save her hapless nephew.

Anyway, things have changed. The Opposition and MCA now take care of the area as it has a strong voting presence, the bad boys have long since moved out and now Indian families share the neighborhood. Things are still quiet and most still live in the past. It holds memories for me but mostly forgotten for that once a year when I go back for CNY prayers.

Anyway, hope the holidays have been good to you.




Nex said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too my friend!

If your aunt decide one day to part with that old radio, I'm calling dibs to it now! :P

ah lim said...

Hey friend, Happy Chinese New Year to you too! It is nice to balik kampung to such a cosy place.

Chindiana said...

Ah Limzzz! Thanks man! Cozy AND the food is always great!

Nex! sorry dude, you got to get in line behind my dad for that radio!

Han Solo said...

arrghh, and I thought I would be the first to notice that radio! What a beauty!!

ah lim said...

Just curious, does the radio still work?

Chindiana said...

I think so or it can still be repaired as my dad always keeps mumbling about changing some part and getting it to work again whenever he passes by that old radio.

ghoul said...

happy belated chinese new year :) may all your wishes come true...

word verification: bersener

Chindiana said...

Thanks Ghoulmeister! Hope your ang pow collection can fund that next wave of Transformers coming in April!