Thursday, January 8, 2009


Last week at this same moment I spoke to some women I've never met in a bar...

Captain Caspian, Babyhunny the Babe and myself had gone out for a quiet countdown in Damansara Heights. Captain Caspian thought the two girls at the next table were cute and bought them a jug of Margarita BUT suddenly became bashful when they looked around to see who was the culprit. He kept bugging me to talk to them to ask them over. Being the vintage wingman that I am, I (grumpily, with a long sigh and a couple of muttered "fuck la fuker, where your balls?") went over and used the Chindian Charm (works only once a year so DAMMIT...... gone in less than an hour into the new year!). Of course they came over and we partied on till the early morning. C'mon what else do you do with a doctor and lawyer combo? It also helped that having a woman in our group made us less threatening.

Didn't really feel like celebrating the birth of a new year only because I've been working through the holidays and Jan09 feels about the same as Dec08 except with a spanking new pair of Mr. Smiley underwear. Funnily enough I do feel like this year should bring about some changes. More like I need to make things happen asap or else I'll fall into some dark chasm of mediocrity like Blackburn FC or the Proton Saga.

Nothing here on resolutions. A New Year Resolution has only two paths to lead at this point - it hires a PR maestro and sets about marketing itself to make it a commercial entity such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, where pretty soon we're selling New Year Resolution holiday packages to Antarctica and Paris, Fitness First gym memberships and How To Date A Super Model self help books. It's either that OR the New Year Resolution slowly slips into oblivion like the type writer, the dodo bird or Malaysia's Multi Media Super Corridor.

There is not really much hope in our politicians is there? Both sides aren't very convincing and Anwar seems missing when his kids are squabbling among each other. Where IS the fellow? Next thing I know he could turn up at my door step selling Network 21 dish washer.

Even my unit trust guys says he doesn't know what will happen until at least June or July. Hold on to your units he says. My friends in the auto industry say buy a car in June or July. Property agents are saying hold on and if I must buy wait for May or June..... Looks like the world economy gets better when Transformers 2 hits the big screens. Hell if I care, think its going to bomb or at least fizzle a little - Michael Bay with a big budget is as decent a film maker as a blind camel on steroids. I just want to see Sienna Miller in leather in GI Joe.

I do know I must drink less beer and coffee this year. The body has spoken. I must be less of an angry bitch. I must chill. I must attempt to master a new sexual position without pulling a butt muscle. I must sell some more toys to make way for the new that i have ordered. Damn you Side show Toys!!!!!

I 'must' a lot of things as long I don't 'must' it as a new year resolution. I 'must' it as a decree to overcome the bane of complacency. To better one self and to....what the fuck is this shit???

Sorry, make that I will replace beer with whisky. I will only take one cup of coffee a day. I will keep my anger to this blog. I will lepak more. I will seek to have more FWBs. I will build a new cupboard for the new toys. Yes, this should do it. realistically possible except for the FWBs thingy.

Bye bye New Year Resolutions! Its been a good run but thanks for the memories. Sucker.....


Wakthisway said...

I must stop attempting to cook while playing xbox games. Now's there's bloody smoke all over and I have to buy a new smoke alarm and to replace two charcoaled pots.

Chindiana said...

Wak! You're back! Happy New Year dude! How the hell or what the hell CAN you cook while playing Xbox?

wak said...

It must be the 4th time in my entire life I've burn stuff while I cook. Seemingly all have a recurrent theme : Trying to play games while attempting to cook.

I was gonna heat up the oil and slow fry some green thai curry paste, damn electric ring took ages to heat up, so i thought. I tell myself, 5 mins lah and then I come back sure warm already. Then I forgot about it naturally or somehow mis timed the whole thing. The smoke took nearly an hour to clear.

Chindiana said...

and the chances of a 5th time are....???? hahahaha! :P