Sunday, December 28, 2008

Through the Eyes of A Child

Mattel Masters of the Universe Battle Cat

Damn, don't you just miss the naivete of a child? Don't you miss thinking you could fly if you REALLY thought hard enough, taking a Tic-Tac that had a few choice magical words said to it in a darkened room and believing it would make you invisible or even if you thought out the same thought 15 times every day for 15 days a meteor would crash into your school?

Now it's dreading the bills in the mail, NOT looking forward to the traffic to work or fighting mobs of other parents over the weekend just to take our own kids shopping in a mall.

Our toys, simple pieces of plastic were our gateways to fantastic realms that contained all manner or adventures and fantastic creatures.

Robert Burden's art can only be described as gorgeous. These are actually paintings of TOYS. Rich and textured these life size painting are awe inspiring ESPECIALLY since they're inspired by the playthings he had as a child! I strongly suggest you enlarge the pictures and you will see the toys that inspired these art pieces framed above each painting. These paintings seek to recapture the pure sense of wonder of a child and how each toy took on the physical embodiment of something far more powerful and wonderful than just a piece of colored plastic.


Stargate Helmets

Hasbro's disassembled Riddler action figure. A++ Coolness!

LJN's Big John Studd and Hulk Hogan toys

More about Robert Burden and his art HERE. Don't forget enlarge, Enlarge, ENLARGE!


Nex said...

Beautiful paintings. Where do you find all these amazing stuff dude?

Dang, I SO want one of those full size Anubis helmet!

Hopefully by 2010 when things settle down...haih...

Chindiana said...

Toyfare magazine covered Burden's work a while back. See, it's just not about dol.... ACTION figures in the mag!

And i can imagine you in an Anubis helmet waiting at the airport to greet the next traveler to KK! Haha!

C. Andres Alderete said...

These are the greatest paintings I've ever seen.

ah lim said...

He-Man and Voltron! Brings back good memories of watching great cartoons on Saturday mornings. Sigh... all gone now.

Chindiana said...

Andres! a child of the '80s eh?

Ah Lim! think you can get some voltron dvds in your local DVD shop! Malaysian Boleh!