Saturday, December 6, 2008

Malaysia Boleh And So can the UK!

Wohooooo! Chindiana Trails gets it's first foreign correspondent! Introducing Winnie Chanz from the City of the Laiver Bird who shall now be attempting to show us how similar the land of Blighty is with Boleh-lah Land. All her compilations will be under the Label of Malaysia Boleh And So Can the UK! And first off we have...

Hospital bosses demand dead man's consent... before they investigate family complaints over his death - The Daily Mail

A grieving daughter was told by hospital chiefs they could not investigate her complaints about the treatment of her dead father - unless he signed a consent form.

Sally Guidon watched her 76-year-old father James Johnson die in agony and wrote to the hospital making a series of complaints and asking staff to investigate his death.

But North Manchester General Hospital replied to the mother-of-three saying they needed Mr Johnson's signature to open his file and look into her complaint.

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wakthisway said...

Funny, no?

Chindiana said...

Yeap and I hear these sorta things happen quite frequently over there. You get the same news where you at?

wak said...

I'm in Ireland but I didn't hear anything about it and I suspect it does not happen frequently. I personally have never demanded anything extraordinary from my dead patients like signing documents after they've kicked the bucket. Unless I don't like his relatives, then of course it goes without saying.