Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Volvo C30 Road Trip

The C30 working a pose at Outward Bound School.

The catalyst for the Lumut trip was when Bart got his hands on the Volvo C30 for a test drive. He had a getaway planned on Pangkor and I hitched a ride to Lumut to support some friends who were organizing the Powerman race in nearby Manjung.

I am not a car person. I can wax lyrical about running and hiking shoes, comic books, free porn sites, boxer shorts and the odd dodgy bar in Seremban but ask me to put pen to paper to describe a car and all you'll probably get is, "what the fuck color is cosmic white?"

This is an unqualified opinion so here goes - it handles well and takes the corners smartly and all but I think it's a girly car. At RM220K or so it probably competes with the Mini Coopers, where some rich dude buys his spoilt brat of a daughter a car to run to college and back OR for mistress number 2 to go for her shopping runs to Pavilion.

It's a little underpowered considering it looks zippy but put foot to the pedal and you have enough time to dig your nose, roll them 'gold' into a ball and flick it out the window before the power ambles in to report for duty. Once the power hits you're on. I had enough muscle to overtake on some tricky roads once the juices got going.

It's been said that some elements of the C30 is inspired by the concept Volvo that was designed by women for women. That probably explains the blind spots... (headrests at back block the view). The sensors work fine so that's all that's important for the lady folk. Also not ideal if you're a tall person and have passengers. Space is limited so if you're Yao Ming, the only passengers you can carry at back are hobbit babies.

The simple display panel is a refreshing though where some cars nowadays look like the interior of an Airbus A380.

The C30 near just after the Lumut Naval base. Loved the stone wall.

I must say it's a sexy looking car. It got all the looks in Lumut and even had a dude snapping pictures of it when I parked in front of the KFC.

We just HAD to stop to kena some laksa by this road side stall about 20 minutes out of Lumut. It was fantastic.....

...and ENDLESS stretch of road surrounded on BOTH sides by padi fields as far as the eye could see! PERFECTOMUDO!!!

Front view of the stall. The only thing that spoilt it was the Pakcik didn't have teh tarik. Next time I'm turning up with my own flask of the stuff. Pity we couldn't get the Volvo parked where the Saga was parked. Would be an excellent shot! Bart, next time!

The Volvo C30 styling and profiling in Lumut town.


Nex said...

The only Volvo I'd own (if my life depended on it), would be an XC model...

Don't get me wrong, Volvo is a fantastic beand, but like you said, it has an image problem...either an 'old man's car', a 'girl's car', or some other less then flattering stigma attached to it...

winniechan said...

front looks nice but the backside a bit weird. dint think volvo would come out with a small car.

i take offense at your comment of Mini owners... i own mini ok? even tho my batang bought it for me, and i feel like a mistress seeing him only too few a moment and driving it to town for shopping sprees. i still take offense.


Chindiana said...

Eh ok what their new models, look sleeker. Their marketing needs a bit more aggression thas all.

Ah Chanzzzz, wei chill ler. I'm talking in a Malaysian context la. Here it's more than RM200K. Who can afford it for a runaround car that it is?

Over there in Blighty it's so cheap, buy a McDonald's Happy Meal and get a MIni free!!! So your Mini is like your batang went to town and bought you flowers or maybe nice lingerie.

winniechan said...

cannot believe that mini in msia so ex la weiiiiii crazy man... here the cheapest brand new one is less than half your RM price. manual trans LAGI the cheap, but not as what you think equivalent to flowers & ling-ker-reee unless the lingkerreee is made out of swarovski crystals.

ah lim said...

Small lar the car. I prefer S40 or S60. Or get the convertible version C70? These all executive cars. For more rugged looks I prefer Hilux.

Eh the last pic damn nice lar, new and old in one pic. Very nice!

Chindiana said...

Ah Chanzzz, tot can get a second hand Mini in UK for about 4K pounds. Cheap wat , came as some lingerie out there! :P

Ah Lim! Hilux eh? such a manly man's man! You can Nex can go car shopping together! Thanks re the pix. If you look reeeeeally closely you can see my parking summons underneath the windscreen wiper! Old, new and fined! NOTE - Parking hours is in full operational hours up to 5pm i think even on Saturdays!

ah lim said...

Where you park? In Perak? Change government wat. Lets hope the revenue they collect from your summons go to the ppl and not their pockets.

Chindiana said...

Yeah la Perak. Think the parking time is the same as before. Dont think the new gov has started thinking about parking times at the moment.