Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Showdown of Champions, Kuala Lumpur 2008

Watching an exhibition tennis match is almost similar to watching a wrestling match. But with the pace of a geriatric paraplegic. With the volume turned down low. And you strapped to a straight jacket on a bench of thumb tacks.

Over-dramatization aside, the Showdown followed the expected script. The results were predictable with Mac doing the clown prince act playing off the straight man roles of Federrer and Borg while suitably assisted by the bemused looking Blake who genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself. To make-up for the lack of pace and urgency, the players gave the crowd their monies worth by playing all games to the tie breaks.

The whole shindig just screamed EXHIBITION - McEnroe v Borg, Blake v Federrer and a doubles of USA vs Europe. Each game lasted only ONE set. It started at 7.30pm and finished around 11.30pm

You do appreciate the skill and finesse of the older boys and the sheer athleticism of the new generation. Federrer seemed to be built for speed and Blake ambling around the court with hidden power although he seemed to have had too much nasi lemak and had a very un-athletic, Serena Williams butt, as if he had problems up his arse trying to shit out a hobbit.

With the comatose Malaysia crowd it was tough for the pace to pick up. The only highlight which seemed to be missed by all including the King was when the music system started playing "Blow my Whistle Bitch" and Bart and I started playing SMS ping pong.

All in all you just appreciate the occasion. Federrer is on his way to greatness. Will he be a Legend? I don't know. He doesn't have a personality in the sterile tennis world. But the skills on display were for all to enjoy and appreciate. I can say I got to witness 2 all time greats of the sports world, 2 Legends gracing my presence even in their twilight still causes one to be in awe. For that, I get the privilege to say on this day I witnessed greats who used to be gods.

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