Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pick Up Line Winners

Damn Late but here they are:

Grand Prize Winner is Plain Jane with her horny mak cik story!

Joint Second place goes to S'wak and the mysterious F.O.N!

Jane gets a V for Vendetta T-shirt (switched prizes around for sizing issues) and dessert voucher from Rumah Ku restaurant.

S'wak gets a Nike Malaysia scarf to go with his Nike Malaysia cap that I owe him.

The FON gets my best Christmas wishes and a cows milk brued coffee at Kanna Curry House as I've run out of prizes....


S'wak said...

Yay! After years of being told by emails from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa and what-have-yous that I've won big time from dubious online lotteries, I've finally won something REAL! Thanks, Chindy!

Chindiana said...

S'wak! Yes you can no go forth and say at least Seremban delivers! Hehe!

plain jane said...

chank yew, chank yew, i want to thank my cat, my cat's vet, his wife, the pakcik at the guard house...ah? times up d ah?

Chindiana said...

Jane-O! Its OK long winded speeches OK in CTrails Awards as it's not real time! wahaha!

Anyway I shall be contacting the both of youse over the next coupla days to pass you your loot.