Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mobile Moments 2

Sunrise atop Gunung Batur in Bali.

There's just something about taking pictures with the crappy camera on my mobile phone. Maybe it's the grainy, ethereal effect when there is not enough light, and maybe there's almost no features to help the picture taking process besides a polite, quiet prayer but I just love how different some images can look via the eyes of my Nokia.

Sunset Lovina Beach, Bali.

Moon and almost ghostly white water tank Subang Jaya (yes that's the moon NOT a street light). Also what looks like clouds or a forest were not in the picture as the water tank was surrounded by buildings.


S'wak said...

Cool! That water tank in the last pic looks like the monument/space ship Edgar/Roach alien climbed into at the end of MiB! :)

Chindiana said...

S'wak! What make you think it wasn't? Haha! :P

ghoul said...

chindy is an alien. that was the spaceship that stranded him here on earth :P

btw, chindy, do u know where we can frame movie posters like the optimus one you sold me? :P

I only have around 60 atm but there are some i really want to preserve :)

I really can't decide whether to do it that way or use actual frame (more expensive, i guess?) IKEA ones are exorbitant and around 1cm to 2cm smaller... :(

word verification: nalli

Chindiana said...

Ghoul! you have 60 movie posters? damn! i usually go to this shop in subang jaya tht frames my stuff. the normal poster frame plus the glass stuff. nice guys and good price too. i dont have number but if i pass by within the week i email to you.

ghoul said...

wow, thank you very much chindy :)

You are not collecting posters any longer, right? :P I have two copies of some movie posters... so if you want them...

word verification: anderyn

Chindiana said...

why Ghouly, I can call you Ghouly rite? Na too many posters already unless you have Mars Attacks, 300, Dark Knight or any Spiderman.

I should get it by Wednesday so will email the details then for hte frame shop.

ghoul said...

Ghoully :) *grins*

I have extra for Dark Knight (dang it, i couldn't get my hands on the joker versions)

... and spidey 3... i have this
(or the reverse one - venom/spidey switches place)

you want?

.. and di you have any extra posters u want to trade? I have extras for other movies, too...

Chindiana said...

OK the frame shop dude is called Hwang - 012 226 1390.

The shop is YKW Frames Enterprise in SS15/4 Subang Jaya.

I'll settle for the Spidey 3 and cant open the Bats pics but if it's Bats on the Bike set la

dunno wat i have but can email you list this week.

ghoul said...

Okay, u can have a spidy 3 and batman on motorbike posters :) how do u want to collect them?

oh yeah, the other batman poster is the one with a bat-shaped fire in the building behind batman.

word verification: fulfunta

Chindiana said...

Well if you are near Cineleisure again you can drop it off or i call you la whe can get that beer! Maybenext week?

Cheerzzzz Ghoulzzz!

word verification: medbaro

ghoul said...

I'll make it a point to drop it off at cineleisure if that's what you prefer :) the same shop as optimus? who do i speak to?
I have already rolled the two posters into one. i do apologise because the spidy 3 poster is a little bit creased at one corner... i blamed the guy who mishandled it before passing it to me :P haha.

word verification: vtureda

(p.s. or else call me, i'll gmail you my phone number... again :P)

Chindiana said...

think i have your number still. i call you la. prob catch up next week if you free or if there is cheap beer at that bar behind your office i can drop by in the evening!

ghoul said...

Yo chindy, i work until late night, eh :) Sneaking a drink in between work, what is chindy telling me now! tsk tsk ...

if u want to pick it up from my workplace, it's fine. Let me know the day before so i can bring them to office.

word verification: gangs