Sunday, November 30, 2008

Laugh In The Face Of Adversity Week!

The madness in Mumbai, the struggles in Thailand, floods, a global economy trying to struggle out of a toilet, our Opposition more concerned about road signs than developing their own states, politicians jostling for positions while ignoring the increasing crime rate, arseholes on the road and in the office, murders on the rise in Malaysia, etc, etc.... I hereby declare the first week of December to be Chindiana's Laugh In the Face Of Adversity Week! I will be featuring something everyday to take our minds off the daily crap fest that seems to be enveloping this planet.

I first saw the footage above on Amir Hafizi's blog ( and thought it would be a good way to continue the hilarity started off by the earlier Vader vs the Japanese Police skit.


winniechan said...

wah lan nehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

farking 'elllllllllllllllll

the idea & stunt warrant acedemy awards mannnnnnnnnn

how to beat this vid??

ghoul said...

leave it to bollywood :)

Chindiana said...

It will be tough but I hope to get some gems before the week's out!

Ghoulo! Word verification for today - ptalemis.

wakthisway said...


I've been miserable for the last few days but that tractor stunt has made me laugh! ahh, feels good. Thank you for that.