Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stamford Bridge

"Stamford Bridge, Chelsea?"

"What?", asks the London taxi driver.

"Stamford Bridge Chelsea, there's a football convention there!"


"um... It's a football convention?"

"No mate you don't get it, there's no football in Chelsea. Nothing to do with football at Chelsea!"

"Um...OK.. Thanks..."

"Ha! Ha!", he laughed. "Get in mate, we'll talk along the way!"

"Tiu....." (he was an Arsenal fan)

Only in the UK. ONLY IN UK, where football defines your blood. Where the badge on the chest of the shirt could almost be made out of the hearts and souls of a club's supporter. Where an ice breaker or face breaker depends on how you broach the subject of football. Malaysian supporters take note you tits - football is life NOT a fashion brand that it seems to most of you. Make my day, go into any pub in England and sing the praises of United or Chelsea. Bask in the self adulation thinking that your dick is 20ft long and made of gold just because of your proclaimed allegiance to a rich and successful football club (where are your Real Madrid shirts now koteks?). Please. Send me pictures after, if you are able to.

The convention was OK. Stamford Bridge was not really close to any tube so cabbing to the nearest point was a bitch on the wallet. The pound layeth the smaketh down on the poor ringo! Not that I moved around much with only 2 nights spent in London. A luxury of time compared to the last trip!

A nice graphic along the wall of the stadium grounds. Makes you wanna put on an illusionary jersey and jump about like a Wankersarous.

Nice chance for fans to take a picture with their favorite team. Not easy getting a whole squad of players looking constipated.

And you don't go to Chelsea without sharing a beer with Jason Lo in a neighborhood pub.

I can't seem to get into the London groove. Maybe it's the lack of forests, a sense of the open trails, the odd mountain, dolphins or horny moths... (holy crap! I'm getting Mountain Man Syndrome! Pretty soon I'm going to be hanging out at hardware stores looking feverishly for tubing to complete my Darth Vader costume! :P Joke Nex, joke!). Maybe there's just too much going on. It's like New York but with the crap weather, the wicked sterling pound or the groups of Malaysian students lurking around every street corner.

Now I just need to get the the Emirates and I would have been to all the classic top 5 clubs. Oh yeah.... and White Hart Lane too (tragic mother lovers....)


ghoul said...


I wanna go to Stamford Bridge!!!! Me me me me me me me me me me!!!


Word verification: slyher

I am proud to be an obsessed chelsea supporter :) ... (fans are lalang)

Nex said...

Its true, there's no football in Chelsea. Its soccer! Wah ha ha ha ha ha!

And I don;t look for tubing to complete my Darth Vader costume. I look for tubing to complete my lightsabers. Gheeze, get with the programme... :P

Chindiana said...

Ghoul! I knew you'd hve something to say! Yes, yes you're a SUPPORTER!. Nice stadium though.

word verification - dract

Nex! SOCCER is Laiverpool and United la. In Chelsea it's um...Futbolski?