Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Murukku

I have no Murukku. I didn't eat any Murukku and I DID NOT bring any Murukku back from Seremban. We didn't make or buy murukku this year. Murukku IS NOT the best Deepavali food ever. It is not better than sex. Telling a Hindu to go back to his home town and bring back Murukku is like picking up Paris Hilton at a bar but telling her you only want to cuddle.

What is it with murukku again? C'mon la, where is the requests for the freshly made chicken and mutton curries both the wet and dry types, what about the home made pineapple jam tarts, the string hoppers mixed with tomato and chicken curries, the nyonya inspired pai tee, the caseree...?

Standard yearly requests:

"Eh, Jangan lupa bawak murukku ya?"

"Eh, ma hai, nei mo kow-kow ah! Faitit law murukku faan lei ok!"

"Aiseyman, I kenot come la. Got to visit my in-laws in Perak but you bring la murukku back brother!"

It seems like murukku is the symbol that all go by to describe the utter sumptuous Deepavali spread. So if one cannot make it to Manimaran Batumalai's house for the Festival of Lights we are expected to 'tapau' back the humble murukku, the spokes person for Diwali's yummy goodness so all can enjoy what they missed out by not attending the Hindu Open House.

I'm gonna start a new experiment. During Chinese New Year, walk up to an Ah Beng and say "Eh dont forget bring back kuaici for me!"

or "bring back kuih lapis for me k!" to Sheila Majid during Raya. Ok la kuih lapis not so bad but cant think of anything now.

So on this day of 28th October 2008 I hearby declare that I have no murukku to share with anyone only because we did not make it this year. I will try to 'murukkucanize' the world next year to share the joys of Deepavali with all my friends and colleagues. Thank you and good day.

Majulah murukku untuk negara.


ghoul said...

I'll take the curries and the lovely pineapple tarts please! :)

Thank you :P

Word Verification: dignable

ghoul said...

Oh chindy!!

Forgive me!! I forgot to wish you a happy deepavali!!

Happy belated and hope the lights shine on you in each and every beautiful moments.

Nex said...

"hope the lights shine on you in each and every beautiful moments"??? What the... :p

Didn't wish anyone happy Dewali, didn't send any Dewali cards (real or virtual), didn't ask anyone for Murukku, curries, pineapple jam tarts, or pai tee.

Didn't even realise it was Dewali till Monday night.

I'm totally 'defestivalised', numb beyond help.

But for you Chindi, this song I give to you:

No Diwali, to celebrate;
No Murukku, or chicken curries to give away.
No string hoppers;
No pal kova.
In fact its just another ordinary day (for me).
No Ladooooooooooos;
No orange Jelebis,
No Bollywood star to brighten up the day.
But what it is,
Is something true,
Made up of these three words that I must say to you.

I just called to say Happy Belated Dewali.
I just called to say I'm sorry I forgot.
I just called to say Happy Belated Dewali!
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

winniechan said...

murukku to ah foo is what straight eligible RICH men is to winnie... do i farking look like heidi fletcher???

but ah foo... you look like kacang putih seller ma... throw on the sarong... do the moth in your boxers dance and there u have it =P

Chindiana said...

Thanks for the Teevaliee greetings y'all!

And fuck me a magpie!!! - Nex paraphrasing Stevie Wonder in song!!!!!! The MOUNTAINS are indeed alive with the sound of music!!!! Wahahaha! Thanks Nexo you made my day bro! Now all you have to do is sing it to me the next time i see you and I'll probably shit a brick laughing!

Ah Chanzzz.... I take it you're never going to let me forget my 'intimate' moment with that moth right? Damn, and i thought sharing was caring...

ah lim said...

HAHAHAHA! I can't understand why ppl keep asking u for murukku.

ah lim said...

Come lar, i buy you beer to chill off.

Chindiana said...

DONE AH LIMZZZZZ! gonna have to make it a JUG of beer. :D

ah lim said...

No problem lar... got murukku or not with the beer? :P HAHAHA

Chindiana said...

Yeah why not? just for you la. I do my best to please the citizens of Kayel who regard murukku as more rare than Kryptonite...

ah lim said...

HAHAHA just joking friend. I rather have mutton vindaloo with draft beer.... wahhhhh

Chindiana said...

Done! And DONE! haha!