Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cheesiest Pick Up Lines Entries!!!!!!!

HAH! Finally. Apologies for the delay.

There are so many different types here but since this is a contest I'm not going to categorize them now. You guys just pick which one tickles your fancy, creeps you out, makes you laugh or just made your day!
1. S'wak -
checks out label on babe's skirt and when she asks what the frak, he replies, "Just making sure that you're Made in Heaven!"

And she married him later!

2. Overheard by S'wak -
"Are your parents retarded, 'cause you sure are special."

3. These two used on Peekz -
"You Look Tired."
Yeah, cos babe you've been running around my mind all day!"

4. Dood: Your dad must be a thief!
Peekz: WTF?
Dood: Coz he stole the stars from the sky and put them in ur eyes!

5. CivicClan said...

Guy: Are u hurt?
Girl: Huh?
Guy: Such a beautiful angel like you, fallen from the sky, are u sure you're not hurt?

6. Nex at an event sees...
The hotel banquet manager trying to pick up a model. He walks up to her and says, " Hi, my name is Kamil, Ismail Kamil.".
Repercussion - the Ah Lian model gives him her empty glass and asks him for a glass of water!
7, Winnie Chan was..

walking down a street in Liverpool and gets a typical Liverpudlian pick up line...Some drunk old fart shouts across the street, "OH MY GOD YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!"

Another typical English come on line when confronted by an Asian woman:

8) Ni Hao !!!
9) Sawadee ka (yeah, all Asian women are Chinese or Thai...)

10. The Fon...

...used this once in KKB while white water rafting;
"What's a nice girl like you floating in a river like this"

11. The supreme commando was once asked...

"where have you been all my life?"
Of course she replied "I've been running away from you!"

Han Solo shares her experiences...

12. While in Paris waiting in queue at the Eiffel Tower, gets this line from an American serviceman, "Hey baby, what say you and me go up that tower right now and get married? What'ja think?"

13. While passing thru Chow Kit after an assignment one day. A mat rempit comes up to her and says, "Adik, nak masuk bilik tak?".

14. While waiting for her dad to pick her up from school, she got this often - "Sorang je?", all uttered by dodgy Malay guys.

15. On a PIA flight from London to KL - "You are looking very beautiful while you are sleeping!".

16. And the same guy from the PIA flight - "Are you marriage?"

17. Jun-E shares her experience in...

.. Thailand, on a train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, by a comic book seller on the train -
"I like you. Do you like me?"

18. Plain Jane's husband gets some unwanted attention...
Her hubby is paying the cashier for some goods in IKEA. The makcik who is in the queue BEHIND him says to the cashier while Jane's hubby is waiting for his change;
makcik: (to the cashier) dik, kenapa panas sangat ni?
cashier: maaf lah ya, tapi hari ni ramai orang
makcik: ya ke? bukan sebab yang berdiri kat depan ni hot ke?


winniechan said...

my vote goes for the makcik in #18 for originality, ballsey-ness, and plain funny.

makcik boleh !!!

today i m suhana said...

makcik for me too :)

peekabooz said...

My vote goes to the MakCik (#18)toooo!

Jun-E said...

Haha makcik for me too. But then I thought Fon's "what's a girl like you floating in a river like this" pretty funny as well.

Han Solo said...

alamak, i like both the makcik and S'wak's checking of the label. How? We can't give two votes, can we?

Chindiana said...

Solo! Dont worry! We have at least 3 prizes so you can pick those that you like. the top 3 that gets the most votes wins accordingly.

And it looks like only the ladies are getting into this votes. Manalah jantan semua??? It almost feels like the guys who read this blog don't relate or use pick up lines besides the S'wak and the Fon. Sam WOULD LIKE TO (with the missus' permission). Man, we're really square and wholesome...

Majulah pick-up lines untuk negara!

leemei said...

Me vote for No.18 too!!! :)

Joyce said...

hands down to the coolest mak cik! lol

plain jane said...

hahah, didn't even know i was 'participating' in this contest.

what details do you need? email add ah? rectum shaped tissue box pun okay lah kot...

Chindiana said...

Eh you did ask on your blog ma. Mobile la then can pass you the barang. email me your details at .

plain jane said...

oh liddat ah? wokay lah, hang bagi, wa ambik...