Thursday, October 2, 2008

Batur and Caldera - The Aftermath

Damn, my thighs and knees hurt like a pair of angry bitches. Coming down from Batur my thighs started to protest because I was slipping and sliding down the loose volcanic soil and stones. Hiking the Caldera Range a couple of hours later finally fucked them both BUT........

I saw the most spectacular sunset ever! Wait for the pictures...

And Caldera, well what can I say, it was not as awe inspiring as Bature (c'mon you're walking around the crater rim of an active volcano, surrounded on one side by a beautiful lake and encircled by mountains), Caldera... was simply LOVELY. I walked along the top of the Caldera ridge line with a lake and Batur on my right and on my left, still dry farmlands with smattering of greens, rolling hills that lead into a gorgeous blue ocean that merged with the sky.

I did not know that Kintamani as THAT close to the North Eastern sea.

I've been bitchy a little. There seems to be someone trying to sell me something every corner that I turn. The guide in my hotel tried to pull a fast one one me. Old women sidle up to me and ask to 'picit' (massage) me and I can only say NO so many times before they piss me off. They hard sell me on handbags (what the fuck, do I look like a transvestite now?), I go to buy water and batteries and they try to sell me paintings and the worst, some old bird charged me an extra 10,000RP for my bottle of Bintang Beer! I finally feel like a tourist!

Anyway, its a beautiful morning now. The sun has just climbed over the mountains and the lake is now bathed in a golden light. The lone fisherman outside is tending his nets and the roosters are doing their early morning duty. A lone slim mist hangs over the lake and I can smell the strong hot Bali coffee that I ordered from the lady at the counter being brewed.

Oh wait, the coffee's ready. OK gtg.


sam said...

picit picit lah..

man, that's a word I haven't heard in ages and it sounds strange and funny. More accustomed to the word urut urut but picit picit makes me think you'll get more than a massage.

Chindiana said...

PRECISELY DUDE! And when a 60 year old woman uses "picit, picit.." on you that can only leave a dude mentally scared!