Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sep 16

Going by all the smses, 'news' on the Internet, yesterday would have seen the Malaysian Parliament dissolved at 2pm, Anwar meeting the King at 4pm and Bigfoot and Elvis sharing a bak kut teh buffet for dinner.

Yesterday we decided we would wait out the day in a normal way Malaysians enjoy a spectacle - in a pub. With beers and juicy bacon and cheese rolls.

Um...why are we talking takeovers? Why do we need it? At the bar no one seemed concerned. There were a few concerned more about the market and economy but obviously these are not of real concern to all sides in these interesting contest.

Malaysians are Can Do People. We're lepak aje. Selamber Joes. We don't do conflicts and takeovers. We have teh tarik and talk cock. Hit a Karaoke with a few girls called Fanny and Apple, sing a few songs, bond and it's all good. Problem solved. Yay.

I know that's how I would do it. I know in that pub that's how the bai fler, the Chinaman, the macha and the Pak Cik playing drums in the band would do it. I know most if not all folks I know would do it. We dont do drama as a collective. Individual agendas however are a different ball game.

Is it too hard to just get our economy back on track? Can we do this without a new government?

I just ordered some Star Wars statues from Singapore and I need our Ringgit to strengthen pronto! Help!

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