Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Over the weekend. I paralleled parked behind some cars to drop off my laundry. I get out, go to the back and take my laundry out from the boot. As I'm locking up my car my car heaves a little with that sickening sound that only a car that is hit will sound like.

Some lady who was parked had reversed without looking and backed into my side. I took a look. Nothing some knocking and polish couldn't cure. Aunty comes out and gives me the 'starecock action feature'. 

"Why did you park behind me?"

"HUH?" Why didn't you look before reversing? When I parked I didn't even know you were in the car or reversing as your indicator lights were not on." 

Getting pissed off she repeats "why did you park behind me??"

After this stupid line of questioning I ignored her, got into my car, moved it further down and went off to send my now seemingly expensive football socks for washing. She was still shaking her head and staring intently at her dent (Malaysian made car) as if expecting the dent to cure itself.

The reason for the infrequent posts is that my lap top's mother board went to the great Mother of All Boards in the Sky. I sent it to HP to see if they could save it. This trip was shorter than the last as it was Selangor's public holiday. Anyway they've learnt from their lesson on service - Now if you don't want to use their expensive service you just pay 50% of the Labour charge. I had to pay RM250 the last time to NOT use them to fix my laptop (which was sorted out by a friend for the princely sum of a jug of beer). This time around it's RM95. Anyway when i said i didn't want their service they got back to me with a special discount. They really wanted me to use their services. I should have know better but when one thinks of the word SERVICE CENTER you do NOT expect it to be a REVENUE GENERATING division of HP which is essentially what it is BUT defeats the purpose of calling it a SERVICE.

I'm off to Bali next week. 6 days. I've got two days booked at Kintamani where I'm planning on hiking up the Ulan Bator volcano. This is bad planning but I've no idea what to do for the next 4 days as I had booked this trip in January not realizing it was smack in the middle of the Hari Raya holidays. I know I do not want anything to do with Kuta. Ubud I'm saving when I go with that someone special (c'mon call me already Hannah Tan!). I'm planning on heading north and making my way back to the airport for my flight back on the 5th of October. I've read about the forests reserves, quieter beaches and some temples but if anyone has any fantastic experiences up north of Bali please let me know!

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