Wednesday, September 24, 2008


OK, It's about time! After some initial comments from you people I JUST KNOW there are more pick-up lines out there!

So this year's first Chindiana Trails contest is - Worst Pick-up lines Ever!!!

You folks send it pick-up lines that you have either used OR have had it used on you OR been in the presence of the clown who used it. Entries to be submitted under the COMMENTS section of this post.

Contest Period:
One week from today

Judging Criteria:
After the competition closes I'll compile all the entries into another post where you guys vote on the most insane line there is. EXTRA POINTS for creativity.

And of course the Prizes:
1.Nike Football Association of Malaysia caps (yeah, say it, c'mon, just say it...)
2. Nike T-shirt (L size)
3. One year supply of New Man Magazine (courtesy of he who shall not be named)
4. Happy Hours with the Chindian at a location of your choice in KL or Kota Kinabalu or Batang Berjuntai
5. Dinner voucher from Rumah Ku restaurant in PJ.

Prizes go to Top 3 winners. Contest open to everyone and anyone and also the United Kingdom readers (the three of you!) but prizes will be hand delivered only if I make my way up there again.

So far lines that have been used:

1. S'wak
checks out label on babe's skirt and when she asks what the frak, he replies, "Just making sure that you're Made in Heaven!" 

And she married him later!

2. Used on Peekz - 
"You Look Tired."
Yeah, cos babe you've been running around my mind all day!"

3. Chindiana (not a line but was the first juvenile attempt at a line at age 16)
Girls of dreams walks by. Its the end of the school year and I will not be seeing her ever again. A moment of madness grabs me, I stand up and shout at my friend, "Hey Fuker don't steal my curry mee!!!" Think i was trying to impress her with my macho-ness.

Ladie's, gents and hobbits, let's get this love fest started!


S'wak said...

Here's one pick-up line I came across many many years ago (which I never used!!!!) and still cracks me up till now:

"Are your parents retarded, 'cause you sure are special."

peekabooz said...

Kena this 10yrs ago in college!

Dood: Your dad must be a thief!
Girl: WTF?
Dood: Coz he stole the stars from the sky and put them in ur eyes!

tsk tsk...

CivicClan said...

Guy: Are u hurt?
Girl: Huh?
Guy: Such a beautiful angel like you, fallen from the sky, are u sure you're not hurt?


Nex said...

I think my banquet supervisor one still takes the cake...


BTW me and my technician had to run into the kitchen behind the ballroom while covering our mouths so that we don't shock the people in the ballroom with our uncontrollable laughter. We had a really good, out-of-breath laugh in the kitchen :D

winniechan said...

was walking in town (liverpool) one fine day, looking ahead to the ground making sure i don't trip when a bloke crossing my path shouts: OH MY GOD YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.

I would be extremely flattered if he wasn't a wrinkly drunk (possibly drugged) old man.

(and it wasn't Ian by the fucking way)

two other saddo pickup line from gweilos here...

1) Ni Hao !!! (wanker)
2) Sawadee ka (a wanker and 3/4)

what ever happened to honest, sweet pickup lines like hi there sorry if i startled you but I cant help noticing you you take my breath away??

By the way I haven't been picked up before, and if the PULs are as sad as the ones you mentioned, i count my lucky stars =P

The Fon said...

The Fon used this once in KKB while white water rafting;

"What's a nice girl like you floating in a river like this"

Chindiana said...

Waheeeeey!!!! and we're OFF! haha! What's a nice girl like you floating in a river like this??? Only the FON. Only the FON.

Looks like we're going to have a few more categories - MOST UNIQUE, MOST BLUR, MOST CLICHED, WORST, etc, etc.

I just know a few more to come. Solo's got some gems i bet! :P

The supreme commando said...

I was once asked "where have you been all my life?" about 6 years ago by this guy during the second time I met him amongst some common friends.

It is so bloody cheesy, somehow I managed to reply "I've been running away from you!"

Chindiana said...

Supreme! Holy shit...

OK this is ridiculous! I thought lines like this, "running around my mind..", "fathers who are star thieves" were only bad lines from movies! Now I know why there are so many single women in KL!

Han Solo said...

Okay, here goes, Chindy. All true.

1. Backpacking in Europe, and my friend and I made a pitstop in Paris. We were standing in front of the Eiffel Tower when some US Army dudes, who were also in town, bumped into us. One of them, good-looking black guy, stopped and said to me: "Hey baby, what's say you and me go up that tower right now and get married? What'ja think?"

2. Had to pass thru Chow Kit after an assignment one day. A mat rempit comes up to me and says, "Adik, nak masuk bilik tak?". Aiyo.

3. This is a classic, which I heard countless of times when I used to have to wait for a taxi/a bus/my dad to pick me up, when I was in school: "Sorang je?", all uttered by dodgy Malay guys. Once I replied, "Tak, sebelah saya ada hantu, tak nampak?" and he puttered off quietly on his kapcai.

4. And finally, the best for last: On my way back from England to KL on one of my summer breaks. No money to buy MAS, British Airways or SIA, so I opt for PIA. A Pakistani guys sits next to me and the freaky thing is that he doesn't stop staring and checking me out, so I pretend to sleep. I open my eyes ten minutes later and to my horror, he's still staring at me. This is when he gives his best shot: "You are looking very beautiful while you are sleeping!".

It doesn't end there. Later during the flight, he says: "Are you marriage? (ie. married)".

Chindiana said...

Think I'll try that"Are you marriage" line the next time I bump into Hannah Tan...

Jun-E said...

In Thailand, on a train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, by a comic book seller on the train -

"I like you. Do you like me?"

Chindiana said...

Jun-E! It seems simple enough but after reading it a second time and actually thinking about it that would be one creepy pick up line! Esp if he had some hamsap look or a Norman Bates stone faced look!

Sam said...

I like!!!

Chindiana said...

Sam! You like Jun-E or you've used that line before? :P

sam said...

"I like you, do you like me?"

It's funny, creepy and cheeky all the same time. It's a class line. I must try it sometime, not to pick up chicks, the wife would be cross if I did, but just to see people's reaction.

Chindiana said...

Haha! She just might have fun seeing you trying it on some unsuspecting victim. Ah, good old family fun... :P