Friday, April 4, 2008

Top 5 McFarlane Toys Action Figures

Ha! Ha! Strictly a budak kecil weekend. Here be my Top 5 most fav McFarlane Action figures of all time! Of course it's just my taste to what the frak right? McFarlane Toys produces some of the if no THE best action figures in the world. Founded by that arrogant but talented bastard Todd McFarlane, the former Marvel artist, McF Toys is a subsidiary of McFarlane who also produces comics, movies and albums among other things.

Above is the compulsory Spawn figure. The amount of Spawn figs out there way too much.This is just my one of my favs - that billowing cape, that sorta feminine jumping pose... Almost all the McFarlane figures are 6"high. This excludes the odd 12" special edition pieces and some of licensed range such as Halo where the sizes are smaller due to costs issues.

Enlarge to enjoy the detailing!

Original Mandarin Spawn figure- the most intricate and detailed fig ever! Sculpt is heavily influenced by Thai, Japanese and Chinese mythology and cultures.

Eclipse 5000, part of the Nitro Riders series - the figure is about 4 half inches but the detailing of the rider and bike is awesome! The most kick ass bikes in toy history. Sorry Akira!

Tiffany version 2 - simply the best female figure (besides the disturbing Little Red Riding Hood fig)

Janis Joplin - check out the details! The 'tie dyed baju, the removable glasses, the seasoned jeans, that look of pure passion and best of all - the magic mushroom base/backdrop! A perfect testament to the '70s!

And the Top 5 boxed sets!

The Headless Horseman from the Sleepy Hollow movie. Simply awesome esp when the box is made it look like the was riding through a dark misty night!

Metallica! Fuking awesome set! - all 4 headbangers come with stage and stage lights that actually light up!

Komodo Dragon boxed set - simply elegant!

Simpsons couch set! The best part is that they all come with magnetic hands and feet so all collectors get to enjoy endless hours of fun reworking the positions of the characters!

The APU from the Matrix trilogy - standing about 17" tall - just check out the frikkin detail man!

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Nex said...

Awesome figures man. I wish I have the space to display all of mine. But then again I can't even get myself to take them out of their packaging...he he he.

I know you have a Sentinel but didn't know you have the APU too. The APU is a truly awesome piece but too bad its extremely fragile. Weird thing is, people are willing to buy broken APUs for more then the RRP. I've so far sold two broken ones for RM150 a pop.

Maybe I should go round up all the broken APUs and make a tidy profit...

Chindiana said...

I HAD an APU. Sold it cos BROKE!!! But it seems the part that breaks can be repaired fairly decently with some sturdy screws.

I'm actually desprately trying to get rid of most of my figs as it's just getting ridiculous in my little place!

But trying best not to undersell of course...

Suffian said...

Dude got any AVP left? Haha. I want. Have you seen Spawn's Age of Pharaohs? Awesome.

Chindiana said...

Dude sorry la just saw your comment! The Outpost in CIneleisure has one. I check price for you! Yeah the AoP is awesome! get to it young'un!


do u still have the komodo clan dragon?