Saturday, April 5, 2008

Seremban Rocks

I keep telling alla youse. Seremban people rawk! We're cool cos we're a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll. Sure most of us work in KL but our true home, families and old skool values are just an hour's drive away.

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now because on Friday, Seremban reached out a gentle hand and reminded me what I was brought up to be and how a little gestures can mean so much.

I haven't been home in a while. I thought I would spend the day home with Mum. I figured while I'm spending the day there, I'd send my car to touch up some parts that had been scraped. And in Seremban they don't make you sell the family cow for a simple paint job. I called Uncle Alan to ask him for directions to the shop as I wasn't too sure.

I dropped off the car and the dude at the shop asked me if I needed a ride to the bus stop which was a fair way off. THE DUDE OFFERED TO GIVE ME A RIDE TO THE BUS STOP. C'mon you blood sucking KL auto/works/paint/ workshop fukers, this is how Seremban represents! All you do is give me some asinine reason to change something extra in my car that I don't think is wrong in the first place. (Mr Yap of USJ Shell Station is of course on my cool list).

I asked him where I could get a cab and he gave me a number to call. I parked myself in a mamak, called the cab service and waited. Then I got a call from Uncle Alan:

"Hey where are you? Have you left?"

"Uh..No. still here. waiting for cab.

"Huh? Why you called a cab? I'm here outside the shop. I came to pick you up!"

He came to pick me up.

I didn't ask. He just came.

To him it was an automatic response - the young man is sending his car to the shop. The feller will need a ride home. I live nearby so I'm going to send him home.

No assistance was requested. Help was offered freely.

Later I hitched a ride with my dad to Starbucks in Seremban as I needed to check my mail. My aunty who is my neighbor in Seremban called me.

Are you in Jusco? I'm doing some shopping in Tesco. If you want I can pick you up.

Ok cool.

In the car I ask where is the shopping from Tesco. "oh, i couldn't find what i was looking for", she said matter-of factly. Yeah you guessed it. She didn't have any shopping in Tesco. She came all the way to PICK. ME. UP!!! Fuzzy man. I was fuzziness personified!

City living has made me very sure that the grumpy fuker in that Camry on the Federal Highway and every other faceless shadow behind every tinted glass door/window/bus/train/sky scrapper/cubicle/ is not happy I was born and that I am now sharing their precious space in this increasingly concrete 'garden city of lights'.

When they eventually erase the word 'good neighbor' from our vocabularies here in the big city, just go to Seremban and ask anyone what it means. Sure the current keepers and believers of this belief are getting on in the years, but some of us young 'uns do believe in that mantra although we still need gentle reminders once in a while of what it means.

Last Friday I was gently reminded.


ah lim said...

Bro, I still go to Mr. Yap after you recommended him. Nice guy.

Chindiana said...

That's why he rocks ah Lim! glad he can still be of assistance to you.