Monday, April 7, 2008

Janda Baik Revisited

Took another trip up to the cooling hills of Janda Baik over the weekend. This time around the posse was made up fellow bloggers Han Solo and JunE. Didn't take many pics as I've snapped all that I think I need to remember this place so this trip was just random bits that I've missed out before and just simply spent more time taking in the trails, streams and greenery.

Han Solo and JunE cross treacherous waters.

Kacang Botol farm.

The Tunnel of Creepers - Kacang Botol/4 point um..vegetable thing plot.

Bamboo Skies.

Two wheeled kacang bottle transport.

The 4WD experience. The main work horse into the vegetable farms further inside the interior.

Han Solo and JunE trying their hand at prospecting.

BN lost in the wilderness? These election posters were hung in the middle of an old banana plantation in the middle of no where. Wonder which votes they were after? The monkeys, lizards or the leech colonies?

The fierce gushing, rolling, overflowing waters in the engorged fast flowing stream seems to be... Anyone feel like pee-ing yet?

For more of my previous posts and pictures on Janda Baik go HERE and HERE .


Nex said...

I'm so jealous! Romping in naturein the company of not one, but two female companions! ha ha ha... :P

I really need to get myself away from this urbal area I'm trapped in and get myself some nature. its ironic I tell you! I come back here to be closer to nature and all I see everyday are concrete walls and plastic chairs!

Han Solo said...

They were treacherous waters indeed, haha :-)

Chindiana said...

DOnt knock yourself ler Nex. Its always the case of so-close-i-can-do-it-anytime.
Quick! get a move on that chain of diners in the mountain already!

Solo! I shall not mourn Moe. Moe lives!

Jun-E said...

Wooh! I'm plastered over someone else's blog! Good pictures though and thanks for bringing me ;)

Chindiana said...

And Jun-E drops by Chindy trails! The last time you just cursed me for tagging you! ;) Haha!

My pleasure! Will keep you in mind for the next leech free outing!