Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jakarta for A Day

Two words. AirAsia and re-timed.

I just got back after spending 5 hours in Hatta Soekarno Airport. Actually I got there 3 hours before my flight which was at about 6pm. After my 1pm meeting my hosts quickly bundled me into one of their cars to send me to the airport as they were afraid I would miss my flight as there is ongoing roadworks along the Priok highway and the normal journey to the airport from Jakarta is taking between 2 to 3 hours instead of the normal one hour. I got there in 45 minutes. AND found out that my flight was now RE-TIMED to 8.15pm.

I start running through the checklist of time killers:

1. Lap top battery time left - 2 hours. Check

2. Outline of 2 proposals to jot down in note pad - less than an hour. Check.

3. Have breakfast/lunch/tea - one hour. Check.

4. Back up Rm9 discount store book of unknown quality - one minute to 2 hours.

Then I stumble on a small foot reflexology booth- maximum 1 hour. Perfect. Check!

As usual the company web mail was acting up so I decided to just walk around the airport and take some pics to satisfy the millions and millions of fans of this compelling blog. layan lah its 2am and i cant sleep...

Asian ingenuity. We've solved the delima of the ULTIMATE superhero movie. C'mon Hollywood just throw those whiny, striking script writers into ocean with concrete shoes! Just hire...TADAA!!! The Asian Copyright Infringing Pirate who brings you the blockbuster hit, The Sense of Right Alliance!!! Who WOULDN'T want to see Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Fantastic Four and a frikin Power Ranger team up to take on the forces of Evil???

I've been told I have this thing for shiny light up things. Couldn't fit this into my back pack...

One thing I do miss in moments like this. That someone who I could call or play sms ping-pong when I was stuck in some far flung locale, twiddling my toes waiting for some piece of metal to drop out of the sky to pick me up and wing me back home.

It used to be cool even if I would get the somewhat reprimanding "eh so rich? Dont waste money. I'll wait up for you. Moron : )"

Damn, gotta get me one a those soon!


Wak This Way said...

Sense of right alliance rawks!

Chindiana said...

Haha! hmmm...maybe there is a sociopathic message in there somewhere.... I believe this could be a start of a world changing movement!

ah lim said...

So we readers are few in a million lar.

Hahaha! Power Rangers and Marvel heroes together??? Japan finally join US in their fight against evil. Or Indonesia hates both countries and this is just one of the corny ways to show their dislike.

Chindiana said...

Let's throw in toys that are made in China and see what kind of global dramatic catalyst we have on our hands!

Han Solo said...

Hahahaha! the Sense of Right Alliance (it's just a 'sense', by the way, not an actual alliance) is even better than the Optimus Prime I once saw repackaged as a 'Transformable' :-) I wanted to take a pic but the uncle at the shop was glaring at me cos I was laughing so hard.

p/s: you can add 'intriguing and thought-provoking' after 'compelling', heehee...

Chindiana said...

hmmm.. so it could be a 'sense' and not an actual alliance? always good to have a female POV.

So the Power Ranger in the middle there could be suffering from inner insecure turmoil by realizing that she (yellow is a chick power ranger color right?)is the only woman there among a bunch of dudes who are wearing tights and their underwears on the outside?