Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hindu New Year Sunset

Just a picture I took last Sunday when I got back to KL from Seremban after visiting the folks for the Hindu New Year . A good end to a day chock full of eating home cooked food and sleeping it off, Seremban style :)


Nex said...

Nice sunset!

Weird coincidence...sort of...I was planning to go down to the beach yesterday evening (Saturday) ti take some nice pics of the beach and to capture the magic as the sun sets. Was supposed to go after the gym, so can cool down and chill with some drinks at the place we had pizza the last time.

End up falling asleep watching Sarah Connor Chroncles (downloaded) and only woke up at 9pm! DOH!

Will try to go today (Sunday)...

Chindiana said...

Ah yes I like that place! you should get some excellent sunsets from there! And the Ramly beach burgers on that adjacent beach rawks!